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  • 10 Best Electric Bicycles in India 2021 (Hero, Geekay, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Electric Bicycles in India 2021 (Hero, Geekay, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Electric Bicycles in India 2021 (Hero, Geekay, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Electric Bicycles in India 2021 (Hero, Geekay, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Electric Bicycles in India 2021 (Hero, Geekay, and more) 5

10 Best Electric Bicycles in India 2021 (Hero, Geekay, and more)

An electric bicycle is a regular bicycle with a motor, battery, and controller. Its mechanism is not much different from the moped from the old days, but they look much better and are more efficient. Mopeds had pedals and were augmented by a fuel engine; electric cycles are augmented by an electric motor. These bicycles have pedals and handlebar just like a regular bicycle. 

You will need to pedal the cycle just as you would a regular one, but the electric motor will make it easier for you. There is a controller usually present on the handlebar, with which you can adjust the level of assistance required from the electric motor. This controller has plus and minus buttons, indicating more or less electric assistance. So go for the best electric bicycles from Hero, Geekay, ODO, and more. 

Last updated 07/14/2023
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How to Choose the Best Electric Bicycles in India - Buying Guide

Let us look at the various components in an electric bicycle or e-bike that you need to consider before spending money on one. Read this buying guide to first know about the different type of electric bikes available in India, followed by the features that you must consider.

① Know the Different Types of Electric Bicycles

As mentioned before, an electric bike needs three main components to run. All these components need to work together in order to operate. Let us look at these three components in detail.

Electric Cruiser Bicycles are for Comfort

Electric Cruiser Bicycles are for Comfort

As is evident by the name, electric cruiser bikes are for cruising or having a pleasure ride around the city. These bikes are all about comfort and style. You can go out for a ride on a cool evening to just feel the breeze. Such bikes have wide seats for more comfort and have higher handlebars that make it easy for you to sit back and relax.

For more comfort, the pedals are mounted further, making it possible for a rider to comfortably put the feet down at stops and signals. Commuting on cruiser bikes is really comfortable. If you travel long distances within your city often, cruiser bikes are your thing.

Electric Road Bikes Are for the Streets

Electric Road Bikes Are for the Streets

If your aim is to cycle as a hobby and you plan to ride on the streets around your home, an electric road bike will be ideal for you. These bikes have narrow tyres, forward geometry, and are lightweights. In fact, these bikes are the lightest of all electric bikes and have the most efficient pedalling. 

Their lightweight and smooth pedalling mean that you won't even need to use the electric assistance feature most of the times. You would probably need this assistance on steep inclines, making it ideal for people who want to begin to cycle regularly.

Electric Folding Bikes Are Really Popular

Electric Folding Bikes Are Really Popular

Due to their portability and convenience, electric folding bikes are extremely popular. They generally have a folding point on the handlebars and the middle of the bike. After folding, the bicycle remains no larger than a suitcase. Taking a bicycle with you in your car, bus, or metro was never imaginable until folding bicycles became a reality.

The only downside to these bikes is that they are heavier than other e-bikes. However, they are not too heavy to make it difficult for you to carry. These bicycles are really gaining popularity in India, mainly because of their convenience and portability. 

Also, people in metro cities find it easy to commute on these bicycles by travelling long distance on public transport and the remaining on these bikes.

② See the Battery Charge Time and Mileage

See the Battery Charge Time and Mileage

Most electric bicycles take three to five hours to charge from empty. Bigger batteries take a longer time to charge, but there are faster chargers available now that you can buy separately. Some bikes even have the provision to add an extra battery to extend the length of your ride. You can easily switch the battery once one dies out.

There are many e-bicycles available now, with varying battery mileage. The mileage usually depends on the size of the battery used in the bicycle. This is one of the most important points you need to consider while buying an e-bike. Estimate your daily ride time and buy a bicycle accordingly. The mileage can range from 25 km per charge to more than 80 km per charge.

For example, if your main aim to buy an electric bicycle is to cruise around in the streets for leisure, then you can consider a bicycle with less mileage. However, if you are planning to commute longer distances, like going to the office every day on your e-bike, it makes more sense that you buy a bicycle giving more mileage.

③ Location of the Motor Can Affect Experience

Location of the Motor Can Affect Experience

There are mainly two locations on which the motor of your bicycle can be placed. Some bikes have it on the pivot of the pedals, called a mid-drive motor. The other is called a hub-drive motor, in which the motor is placed inside the hub of the rear wheel.

Mid-drive motors are more common. The e-assist on these bikes feels more natural. Also, the weight of the motor is more centred and low, giving more balance to your ride. Many people love this location of the motor mainly for the stability it offers.

The hub-drive motors send all the pedal power to the rear wheel, giving a feeling of being pushed from the back. The downside of this bike is the difficulty of changing a punctured tyre. You would need to remove the entire motor to do so.

④ Check Out Some Additional Features - LCD, Smartphone Integration, and More

Check Out Some Additional Features - LCD, Smartphone Integration, and More

You should also try and get the best deal by looking for a bike with more additional accessories. These accessories include lighting, racks, LCD, smartphone integration, built-in security, etc. A headlight is an essential safety feature, along with a built-in lock. These locks are attached to the bicycle's frame, and you won't need to purchase a separate one.

Even racks come under additional accessories and are needed to either carry another person or some load. The handlebar LCD is a great value addition to your e-bike as it will let you know the battery life, pedal-assist mode, kilometres ridden, speed, and much more. Look for these features as a part of the total cost of the bicycle.

⑤ Consider the Component Quality and Strength of the Frame

Consider the Component Quality and Strength of the Frame

Electric bicycles at different price tiers have different component quality. As you climb up the price ladder, additional features, such as smartphone integration, premium brakes, etc., of a superior quality start getting added. The bicycles that we have enlisted below have the best features in their price range, making them great value for money.

The frames on the e-bikes are generally made of aluminium, which makes the lightest bicycles. However, there are bikes with steel or carbon fibre frames as well. The total weight of the bike depends on the frame, motor, and battery. 

Some people feel that the weight of an electric bicycle is insignificant because of the e-assist, but a lighter e-bicycle will certainly feel more agile.

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10 Best Electric Bicycles in India

Now, let us check out the most exciting electric bicycles available in India. We have included the best models from brands such as Hero, Geekay, ODO, and Orbis Cycles. Read about these products and compare their specifications to know which e-bike will suit your needs the most.
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Key features


Ecobike Pro 26

Geekay Ecobike Pro 26 1枚目

High Torque Motor for More Power



Lectro Clix 26T

Hero Lectro Clix 26T 1枚目

Single Speed Electric Bike With Amazing Features



Lectro Kinza 27.5T

Hero Lectro Kinza 27.5T 1枚目

A Light Bike for Everyday Use



Unisex Ecobike

Geekay Unisex Ecobike 1枚目

Comes With a Mobile Charging Port



Lectro Renew 26T

Hero Lectro Renew 26T 1枚目

Ideal Bike for Rough Terrains



MS Frame Eagle MTB

ODO MS Frame Eagle MTB 1枚目

Super Bike With a Super Charger


Orbis Cycles


Orbis Cycles Thunder 1枚目

Explore the Countryside With Orbis Thunder



Energy GET 7

Essel Energy GET 7 1枚目

Really Comfortable for Long Rides



E-Bike 250

TronZ E-Bike 250 1枚目

One of the Most Comfortable E-Bikes


SR Motor

Urban Ebike 250

SR Motor Urban Ebike 250 1枚目

A Comfortable Ride Even on Rainy Days

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GeekayEcobike Pro 26

Ecobike Pro 26 Image 1
Reference price

High Torque Motor for More Power

The 26" Ecobike has a powerful 250W motor with 45Nm (Newton-metre) torque. This powerful motor is completely noiseless, making it an ideal bike for your experience. The motor also has waterproof cables, adding an extra layer of safety. Its detachable battery takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge, letting it run for 50km thereafter.

Its 21-speed Shimano gear system is easily the best in business. This gear system is known for its durability and smoothness. The 26-inch wheels make it ideal for adults up to 5 feet 8 inches to ride regularly. Being made of aluminium, the frame material is also extremely light.

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HeroLectro Clix 26T

Lectro Clix 26T Image 1
Reference price

Single Speed Electric Bike With Amazing Features

Almost every Indian, at some point in their life, has ridden a Hero bicycle. Its trust among Indians has developed through its high-quality products. The Hero Lectro Clix 26T is another amazing product by the company. Available in dark grey and black colours, this electric bicycle has a frame size of 16 inches.

It is a single speed bike with a 40 Nm torque, which is a highly impressive motor power. You won't feel the absence of gears as this bicycle is very light. It has 26-inch alloy wheels, making it suitable for average adults. It has a sealed battery that lets you ride freely in any climatic condition.


HeroLectro Kinza 27.5T

Lectro Kinza 27.5T Image 1
Reference price

A Light Bike for Everyday Use

Hero's Lectro Kinza 27.5T is a genuinely good single-speed classic transmission bike. Its motor and wires are all sealed inside the frame. It is a great street bicycle and is mainly bought for leisurely use. The PVC handle is ergonomically designed to give you the best grip possible. The handlebar is also mounted with an LED display, showing important information like battery, distance, etc.

It is made mainly of aluminium, making it really light. The motor ensures a powerful ride as it produces 40Nm torque at the highest speed. The chainset is pretty much frictionless and ensures a smooth ride. This smart-looking bike is available in blue and black colours.


GeekayUnisex Ecobike

Unisex Ecobike Image 1
Reference price

Comes With a Mobile Charging Port

The Unisex Ecobike has a delightful ride, owing to its powerful motor. This bike also comes with a front basket and rear carrier, making it super easy for you to shop using this bicycle. Additionally, the company will give you pre-installed LED headlight and horn.

It has a 7-speed Shimano gear system and a front suspension for smooth rides on rough terrains. There is also a mobile charging port provided in this bike. This bike has a steel frame and body, which is definitely light but not as light as the ones made of aluminium.


HeroLectro Renew 26T

Lectro Renew 26T Image 1
Reference price

Ideal Bike for Rough Terrains

The Hero Lectro Renew 26T is a fat bicycle with an 18-inch frame. It has fat Kenda Sri 107 tyres, which are fit for rough terrains. The mechanical disc brakes are installed on both the rear and front. This bike is also pretty lightweight, mainly because of the alloy frame and body. The design of the frame of this cycle is unique and attractive.

Available in black and blue, the Lectro Renew has received some amazing reviews online. It also comes with a mount that supports an extra external battery. In the middle of the handlebar is a beautiful LCD display, which shows battery life, among other important information.


ODOMS Frame Eagle MTB

MS Frame Eagle MTB Image 1
Reference price

Super Bike With a Super Charger

This multi-terrain bike is a great buy for your daily riding. Its 3A fast charger can charge its 10.4Ah detachable battery in around 3.5 hours. This model gives you three modes of riding - manual, throttle, and pedal-assist mode. You simply pedal in manual mode, completely relax in throttle mode, and get a 5-level pedal assist in pedal-assist mode.

Some advance features that make this e-bike a premium product are its cruise mode and walk-assist. The cruise mode lets the cycle run at a constant speed, and the walk assist lets you just keep your hand on the handlebar, with the bike walking with you like a friend.


Orbis CyclesThunder

Thunder Image 1
Reference price

Explore the Countryside With Orbis Thunder

Thunder by Orbis Cycles is a fat-tyre e-bike that is specially engineered to be comfortable. It has a sturdy and light frame, making it really easy to steer. The three riding features - electric twist throttle, manual pedalling, and electric pedal boost - are provided for different circumstances. The first one runs with 100% motor power, the second one runs completely with human effort, and the third one uses both.

It has a beautiful dynamic LCD display on the handlebar, which displays time, trip distance, speed, and motor temperature. All the wires in this bicycle are covered and are completely waterproof. This bike also has cruise control and walk assist at the touch of a button. The durable, fat wheels make this bike suitable to ride in rough country terrains.


EsselEnergy GET 7

Energy GET 7 Image 1
Reference price

Really Comfortable for Long Rides

The basic design and structure of this e-bike are such that it is meant for people who need to commute within the city for work a lot. It is also loaded with features - waterproof cables, quick-release Seatpost, rainwater guard, auto cop with sensor, and a basket in the front.

This bike is favoured a lot by delivery personnel as it is much less expensive to buy and ride it than a motorcycle. It also has LED headlight, tail light, and turn signal lamps pre-fitted in it. All in all, it is a really good e-bike, designed with purpose.


TronZE-Bike 250

E-Bike 250 Image 1
Reference price

One of the Most Comfortable E-Bikes

This 26-inch e-bike comes with a highly-efficient Samsung battery. It also has a smart LED battery level indicator, keeping you in control of your ride at all times. This bike has a high quality front shock absorber and responsive e-brakes to assist you in heavy traffic.

The aluminium alloy frame makes this bicycle quite light, enabling you to easily run errands on it. The electric connection cuts off automatically as soon as the brakes are applied. This feature saves battery life and also makes your ride safe by keeping it under your control.


SR MotorUrban Ebike 250

Urban Ebike 250 Image 1
Reference price

A Comfortable Ride Even on Rainy Days

This e-bike is unisex and is engineered for all age groups too. It is made of aluminium alloy and has a Shimano Tourney 7-speed gear system. The steel spokes are fitted in aluminium rims. It is super light, and at 30 kgs, it is probably the lightest electric bike in the Indian market.

The handlebar is also ergonomically designed to ensure your arms do not get tired while riding for a long duration. Its anti-rust chain ensures that you always have a comfortable ride and does not trouble you on a rainy day.

Professional Tips to Maintain Your Electric Bicycle

Learn about the technical details of your e-bike. This video from is specifically made for regular people to know exactly what they need to do for the right maintenance of their electric bicycle. This video talks about basic stuff like lubricating the chain, using disc brake silencer, keeping the tyres pumped up, etc. It will also tell you how to:

1. Fix a loose square tapered bottom bracket

2. Lubricate cables to avoid fraying

3. Extend the brake housing to enhance braking

Ride to Push the Boundaries

Ride to Push the Boundaries

Take a look at the best bicycles for men in India. Also, check out our well-researched article on the best helmets for bikes. Read these reviews to make better purchasing decision for yourself.


Technology is ever-growing, and we must grow with it to exploit the best things in the world. Electric bicycles can put an end to the excuses you usually give not to ride your regular bicycles to, say, your office. 

Now, you won't get late or get too tired by riding your bicycle in the other corner of your city. Use the research that we have done for you and buy yourself an electric bicycle today.

Author: Rudraveer

Top 5 Electric Bicycle

No. 1: Geekay | Ecobike Pro 26

No. 2: Hero | Lectro Clix 26T

No. 3: Hero | Lectro Kinza 27.5T

No. 4: Geekay | Unisex Ecobike

No. 5: Hero | Lectro Renew 26T

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