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  • 10 Best Vlogging Cameras in India 2021 - Buying Guide Reviewed By Filmmaker/Photographer 1
  • 10 Best Vlogging Cameras in India 2021 - Buying Guide Reviewed By Filmmaker/Photographer 2
  • 10 Best Vlogging Cameras in India 2021 - Buying Guide Reviewed By Filmmaker/Photographer 3
  • 10 Best Vlogging Cameras in India 2021 - Buying Guide Reviewed By Filmmaker/Photographer 4
  • 10 Best Vlogging Cameras in India 2021 - Buying Guide Reviewed By Filmmaker/Photographer 5

10 Best Vlogging Cameras in India 2021 - Buying Guide Reviewed By Filmmaker/Photographer

A vlog is a video blog in which almost the entire blog is in a video format. Content consumers are now shifting to videos to gain information. It is more convenient for us to view high-definition videos of a place rather than reading blogs about it. The trends are changing, and so are the types of equipment.

This article will cover all the necessary elements you need to consider before buying a vlogging camera for shooting your creative vlogs. These cameras are ideal for uploading quality videos on platforms like YouTube. We have included the best vlogging cameras from Sony, Canon, GoPro, among others. This article was reviewed by professional filmmaker and photographer, Arun F Xaviour. Keep scrolling to learn his tips and tricks for shooting professional-looking videos.

Last updated 07/14/2023
Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & Photographer
Arun F Xaviour

Arun is an Electronics and Media Technology graduate with more than five years of experience in photography. He spent two years working on various projects honing the art of direction and cinematography. As an enthusiast of movies and filmmaking, Arun enjoys his leisure time recreating popular movie scenes with a twist of his own.

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Vlogging Camera in India - Buying Guide

A good vlogging camera is not just about megapixels; it is also about sound, lens, flip screen, size, etc. Many people even use their smartphones to shoot vlogs as smartphones have amazing cameras these days, and even the microphones are decent. 

However, if your aim is to shoot top quality, professional vlogs, you should have a professional camera. Let's look at a few of the most important factors that need to be considered while buying a vlogging camera.

① Having a Good Image Quality Should Be Priority

Having a Good Image Quality Should Be Priority

The best indicator of good image quality in a camera is its video resolution. The three most commonly used video resolutions are 720p (HD), 1080p (Full HD), and the latest 4K (Ultra HD)

Although you can shoot your vlogging or YouTube videos at 720p, we advise that you buy a camera with the option of 1080p as the better your video quality, the more viewers you are bound to have. 4K videos are the latest video resolution that is becoming a hit amongst bloggers. 

This Ultra HD screen resolution has taken the world of entertainment by storm. The content of your vlogs matter, but honestly, the video quality, sound quality, and video editing matter more. With fast and cheap internet all over, streaming 4K videos is not hard for people. So, you must take advantage of this and go the distance.

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

The sensor size also plays a major role in video quality. There are two types: crop-sensor cameras and full-frame cameras. Full frame cameras have a sensor size of 24mm x 36mm; anything smaller than that is a crop sensor. Full frame cameras can capture a wider area compared to crop sensor cameras. Travel vloggers will find this extremely useful in capturing stunning landscapes.

Due to the bigger sensor size, full-frame cameras have a wider dynamic range and can capture more color information. They also have better low-light performance. Your nightlife videos will have much less noise when shot with full-frame cameras.

② Go for One that Removes Shakiness from Your Videos

Go for One that Removes Shakiness from Your Videos

A feature called Optical Image Stabilisation lets you move around while recording all sorts of videos. You must have experienced making videos on your phone while walking. Those videos are really shaky unless you keep a very steady hand. 

Cameras with the Optical Image Stabilisation feature give you the advantage of moving and walking without worrying about any shakiness in your video.

If you are a vlogger who shoots stationary videos from home, this feature is not really significant for you. Nonetheless, there is no harm in having this feature. It can come in handy any time in the future if you decide to go outside to shoot some of your creative vlogs.

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

DSLRs commonly have two types of stabilization: lens stabilization and in-body stabilization (IBIS). The terms Image Stabilization (IS) used by Canon, Vibration Reduction (VR) used by Nikon, and Optical Stabilization (OS) used by companies like Sigma all mean the same thing. You just have to find out whether it's lens stabilization or IBIS.

Here is what sets them apart. IBIS stabilizes the sensor, while lens stabilization uses gyro sensors and a floating lens element to compensate for camera shakes. If you choose a camera with IBIS, you can choose any type of lens. Lenses with Optical Image Stabilization or lens stabilization costs much more than one without it.

③ Buy a High Quality Lens

Buy a High Quality Lens

Aperture is a feature of cameras that refers to the lens's opening to allow the light to pass through. The higher this number (higher f/stop), the lower the amount of light that passes. A lower aperture enables you to shed more light on the thing you want to focus on and blur the background. A low aperture also means that you will be able to shoot in low-light situations. 

It also helps you capture the maximum detail in a landscape shot. Along with aperture, good autofocus is another significant element that can dramatically enhance your vlogs' quality. This will always keep you in focus, no matter how much you are moving. So do not forget to check the aperture before buying. 

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

In my opinion, a vlogger should have at least two types of lenses: prime and standard/wide-angle. A prime lens has a fixed focal length, meaning you won't be able to zoom. Since it is designed to be sharper at one focal length, prime lenses produce better results than zoom lenses. It is also lightweight and compact, making it easier to carry while traveling.

A great wide-angle lens for vloggers would be the 10-18mm. You will be able to keep yourself and the background in focus. But if you want a shallow depth of field (blurred background), go for an 18-35mm. While shopping for lenses, make sure that you buy a full-frame lens for a full-frame camera. A crop sensor lens on a full-frame camera will give you black edges.

④ Low Light Performance Can Enhance the Video Quality

Low Light Performance Can Enhance the Video Quality

Resolution and megapixels are important, but they are not as important as a camera's low light performance, especially for shooting videos. A camera setting called ISO, which refers to the camera's level of sensitivity towards available light, tells you how well the camera's low-light performance be. 

You need good low light performance so that no shoot gets delayed because of poor light. Every camera has a base ISO, which would be a good indicator for you. Usually, ISO200 is a good base ISO because it will give you the optimum brightness required for almost all videos. 

However, you do not want to have an extremely high ISO too as it adds grain and noise to the photos and videos. If you are making a vlog indoors and have light diffusers, the ISO setting is not significant. It is mainly required for outdoor shooting, in which you can expect varying light.

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

I have already mentioned how full-frame cameras offer good low-light performance. That means you will get better exposure and lesser noise at a comparatively lower ISO setting. But your videos can become grainy due to other reasons too. If you shoot at high resolutions, say 4K, for long durations with a high ISO setting (because of low light situations), you will end up overheating the sensor.

This will add thermal noise to your videos. This can happen during the daytime too, from overworking your camera. While shooting in low-light conditions, forget about zooming since it will reduce how wide you can open the aperture. Physically move closer to the subject. There are constant aperture zoom lenses available too, but they are more expensive.

⑤ It is Almost Impossible to Shoot a Vlog Without a Flip-Screen

It is Almost Impossible to Shoot a Vlog Without a Flip-Screen

A flip-screen is one of the most sought features in a vlogging camera. It is a feature that you might have seen in DSLR cameras, in which the screen can rotate. Flip-screens are like the front cameras of your phone. You can watch what you are shooting in real-time and make adjustments if required.

It also allows you to shoot accurately by having a clear idea of what's being shot and whether you are in focus. If your content includes talking to the camera, you need to have a flip screen. It will make your shooting experience so much more efficient.

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

A flip screen is almost a necessity for outdoor vloggers since shot composition is important for any video. But high-end DSLRs with no flip screen are not uncommon. If a camera that you have set your eyes on doesn't feature a flip screen, you can try using your smartphone or laptop as the secondary screen. For using a smartphone, your camera should be Wi-Fi compatible.

But laptops can be connected using cables too. If you are an outdoor vlogger, this may not be possible. In such cases, try to use a wide-angle lens. It is more forgiving when it comes to framing and will only take a few practice shots to get used to.

⑥ Sound Quality is Very Important

Sound Quality is Very Important

Your viewers expect good video quality from you, but they won't compromise on the sound quality either. The sound quality is much more significant than video quality. Sound quality can be the decider for the overall quality of your videos.

While every camera has an in-built microphone with decent quality, these mics usually pick up unwanted background noise (wind, traffic, etc.). This is why investing in an external microphone is a priority when it comes to vlogging equipment. Although the best microphones for vlogging are expensive, there are some decent cheaper alternatives available too.

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

It is always a good idea to use external microphones for your vlogs. Good quality shotgun microphones for DSLRs are expensive, while cheaper ones are not reliable. The added weight of the shotgun microphone can tire your arms easily. A wise option would be to invest in a lavalier microphone. You just have to attach it to your clothes.

There is no denying that a shotgun microphone is the best option for vlogging. But they will still pick up wind noise. Make sure you buy a windscreen too.

⑦ Be Thoughtful of the Camera Size

Be Thoughtful of the Camera Size

Bigger cameras are also going to be significantly heavier. If the type of vlog you make or will be making requires you to sit on a chair, with the camera kept on a desk, the size does not matter. 

However, if you are a vlogger who has to walk holding the camera, make sure you consider the camera's size and weight and its equipment. For example, the Sony A7C weighs more than 500 grams without the lens, and sometimes the lens can be heavier than the camera itself. 

It can become a little too heavy for you to carry it around for hours. So, it makes complete sense to consider the camera size and weight in accordance with what kind of vlogs you will be shooting. Remember to always keep in mind that you will be carrying extra equipment as well.

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

Go for a mirrorless camera. They are lightweight, compact, and hence easy to carry. Action cameras are also a good option, but they offer distorted videos that require fixing in post-production. Adjusting the field of view in action cameras gives you cropped/zoomed-in videos since there is no optical zoom available, resulting in lower video quality.

So, for shooting landscapes, an action camera would be a good option. Make sure that you carry only the required lenses for the shoot if you plan to use a DSLR. As I have mentioned before, a prime lens and a 10-18mm or an 18-35mm are handy, lightweight options.

⑧ Check Whether the Camera Comes With a Tripod

Check Whether the Camera Comes With a Tripod

Vlogging is impossible without a tripod, handle, or Gorillapod. You will need to put your camera on something when you are not holding it. You would also need any such handle when you are sitting and talking into the camera. 

A Gorillapod is the most popular kind of tripod used by vloggers. It can twist in many ways, making it convenient to place on any surface. A tripod or handle is also essential for shooting a vlog as it allows you to hold your camera further away from you, giving you a wider angle.


It would be better if you get a tripod that also allows you to mount a smartphone too. This would give you the option to shoot with your phone in case your camera is unavailable. So, look for offers that give you a tripod or Gorillapod along with your camera.

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

A tripod in a combo pack is usually offered by the seller and not the camera manufacturer. If you choose to buy one separately, go for an aluminum or plastic tripod if you want a rust-resistant, lightweight option. Check the maximum height and the degree of movement too. This will offer you more flexibility while planning different shots and shooting on uneven surfaces like rocks and staircases.

⑨ Consider the Battery Life

Consider the Battery Life

YouTubers and vloggers, in general, have to shoot for long durations. Sometimes they need to shoot for many hours straight, with many re-takes. Basically, it takes a lot of time to shoot that perfect vlog that people would love to watch. It goes without saying that the battery life of your camera needs to be great.

You should keep this as one of the topmost priorities while buying a vlogging camera. You must at least get cameras whose battery can last up to 1 day. You can look for cameras that come with the provision of changing batteries. Or, you may keep a couple of spare batteries with you for an emergency. There are also cameras that can function while they're plugged in to charge - this would be ideal.

Arun F Xaviour
Filmmaker & PhotographerArun F Xaviour

The battery life of a camera cannot be predicted accurately. Your battery will drain much faster when you shoot at 4K than at 1080p. Factors like shutter speed, ISO setting, etc., also come into play. But you don't have to compromise on video quality. Some cameras like the Nikon D850 allow you to attach an additional battery grip to your camera.

You get double the battery life without even have to stop recording for replacing the battery. Planning ahead of the shoot will also help prevent undesirable situations like low battery. You can also try a few options like switching off image stabilization when the camera is on a tripod, reducing the LCD brightness, turning off automatic sensor cleaning, etc.

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10 Best Vlogging Cameras in India

Our list of top 10 best vlogging cameras are from the best brands like Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and more. Go check out the features like flip screen, microphone, better sound, and image quality they have to offer. 
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Key features


Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1

Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1 1枚目

Tailor Made for Vloggers



Alpha ILCE-7M3K

Sony Alpha ILCE-7M3K 1枚目

A Camera With Premium Features



Lumix G100

Panasonic Lumix G100 1枚目

Camera With Bluetooth Tripod Grip




Fujifilm X-S10 1枚目

An Excellent Camera for Beginners



Lumix S5

Panasonic Lumix S5 1枚目

The Lightest One for Vlogging




Fujifilm X-T200 1枚目

A Sturdy Camera With Many Features




Canon EOS M50 1枚目

Versatile Camera With Extremely High Resolution



Hero9 Black

GoPro Hero9 Black 1枚目

Ideal for Travel and Adventure Vlogs



Powershot G7 X Mark III

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III 1枚目

Compact Body With a Large Sensor



OM-D E-M10 Mark III

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III 1枚目

Best In-Body Image Stabilisation

Product details
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SonyDigital Vlog Camera ZV-1

Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1 Image 1
Reference price

Tailor Made for Vloggers

The Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1 tops our list as it is specially engineered for vloggers. The ergonomic features, such as the Bluetooth wireless shooting grip (as seen in the product image) make it the best of its kind. It comes with a premium lens, offering 4K recording and hybrid stabilisation. 

Additionally, it is equipped with a flip-screen for you to frame yourself while shooting a selfie video. Another special feature of this camera is its Product Showcase setting. This features snaps focus on close-up objects, making it ideal for product review and unboxing videos.

If your content demands you to use your voice, then this camera has a microphone windshield and a port to add an external mic too. The real-time face tracking and real-time eye AF systems, allowing the autofocus to stick right on your face even when you are moving in your vlogs.

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SonyAlpha ILCE-7M3K

Alpha ILCE-7M3K Image 1
Reference price

A Camera With Premium Features

The Sony Alpha ILCE-7M3K comes with a Standard ISO range of 100-51200. Its 4D focus, including wide, fast, steadfast, and auto-focus, make it an awesome camera for vlogs. The AF/AE tracking (Auto-Focus/Auto-Exposure tracking) also ensures that your face is always in focus when shooting a vlog.

This compact camera has all the high-end features you need in your vlogging camera. One downside of this camera is its average battery life, which is of 2 hours. It is advised that you carry your charger at all times or better, carry a separate battery for emergencies.


PanasonicLumix G100

Lumix G100 Image 1
Reference price

Camera With Bluetooth Tripod Grip

The Lumix G100 is a very popular camera among vloggers and YouTubers. It is very light and is quite comfortable for you to carry it the entire day. It has a video selfie mode, which automatically focuses on you and your background as soon as you flip the screen.

Its three in-built microphones, having the OZO audio recording system, are probably the best in-built microphones in this camera's segments. In conditions with no noise around, you would not require an external microphone. There are a plethora of in-built features, such as in-built time-lapse, dedicated slow and quick mode, resizing, minor editing, and stop motion mode, that will give you an amazing vlogging experience.



X-S10 Image 1
Reference price

An Excellent Camera for Beginners

If you want to start vlogging and are researching the best cameras available, the Fujifilm XS-10 is a great option. Although it is a little more expensive than some other great products, it is loaded with features. The best feature of this camera is its five-axis In-Body Image Stabilisation (IBIS), which reduces all kinds of vibrations and shakiness while filming.

It also has the Face/Eye Autofocus, which will give you the best quality shooting of moving objects. The Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) uses the camera's 2.36 million dot display to effortlessly follow fast-moving objects.

It comes with a provision for an external microphone and headphone connection. The headphone adapter that comes with the camera enables you to listen to the videos as you record them. Overall, it's convenient to operate this camera, making it great for beginners.


PanasonicLumix S5

Lumix S5 Image 1
Reference price

The Lightest One for Vlogging

The Lumix S5 owes its high price to its lightweight mainly. There are certainly loads of other features too, but the 70-gram weight is the highlight. Despite its small size, it can shoot 10-bit 4K 60p videos. It shares the 24MP CMOS sensor, which is basically the sensor that catches the light for a photo or video, in the Lumix S1 but has improved autofocus.

It has high-speed autofocus (approx. 0.08 seconds) that recognizes human faces, eyes, heads, bodies, and animals. It also has a tough body, made with dust and splash-proof material. The dual SD card slots ensure that the storage on your camera does not run out. An overall class product, the Lumix S5 is one of the best vlogging cameras around.



X-T200 Image 1
Reference price

A Sturdy Camera With Many Features

Available in silver, dark silver, and champagne gold, the X-T200 has a large APS-C CMOS image sensor, a high-resolution EVF, and the ability to record 4K UltraHD videos. The vari-angled LCD touchscreen can be flipped for comfort. The touchscreen allows convenient control of settings like brightness, background blur, etc.

The HDR Movie Mode shoots perfect videos when there is a strong backlight. The gyroscopic sensor in the camera's body assists in shooting stable videos. However, while using this feature, the field of view is reduced, and the view angles are limited.


CanonEOS M50

EOS M50 Image 1
Reference price

Versatile Camera With Extremely High Resolution

This camera by Canon is filled with features and is a favourite among vloggers. It is also reasonably priced for the amazing set of specifications. With a 32.5 MP high-resolution APS-C sensor, it captures pictures with superior resolution. While shooting a video, it offers a continuous shooting speed of 30 fps.

The Canon EOS M50 has extremely efficient autofocus, with up to 5481 AF points. The FV mode automatically adjusts exposure priority as per the shooting environment. Using Canon's Camera Connect App, you can share photos and videos directly to your smartphone over the built-in WiFi.


GoProHero9 Black

Hero9 Black Image 1
Reference price

Ideal for Travel and Adventure Vlogs

GoPro is amazing for travellers. It is small, portable, light, and even shoots videos underwater. It gives you wide-angled views, enabling you to share the scenarios around you perfectly. The best thing about a GoPro is that you can mount it on your head or pretty much any other place, using some additional mounting equipment.

This small camera is filled with features to give you spectacular video quality. The 23.6MP camera can shoot 5K videos too. It is waterproof till 10 metres underwater and also takes voice commands. The GoPro Hero9 also has a front screen along with a rear touchscreen. 

If you are a gamer or want to live stream your vlog, the GoPro9 lets you stream at 1080p. This camera might not be enough for the vloggers who want more customisation options as you can't zoom in or adjust the aperture of your lens, but it is a highly professional camera nonetheless. It is also a great camera for people just beginning to vlog.


CanonPowershot G7 X Mark III

Powershot G7 X Mark III Image 1
Reference price

Compact Body With a Large Sensor

This compact Powershot G7 shoots videos in 4K with no crop. It also enables you to live-stream your vlog to YouTube. Its 3-inch touchscreen tilts up 180° and down 90°. This camera shoots high-quality, stable videos with 30 fps in the Raw Burst Mode.

It has one of the largest camera sensors in its segment, the 20MP 1"-type Stacked CMOS sensor. The CMOS sensor makes digital photos by converting photons to electrons; a bigger sensor means more efficient conversion. You can shoot vertical videos using this camera, a feature really admired by Instagram influencers who can post stories using their Canon Powershot.


OlympusOM-D E-M10 Mark III

OM-D E-M10 Mark III Image 1
Reference price

Best In-Body Image Stabilisation

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III is an amazing entry-level option for vloggers looking to enter this domain. One of the best features of this camera model is its autofocus. It delivers clean 4K videos with amazing 5-axis image stabilisation and phase-detect autofocus.

A few drawbacks of this model are the absence of a headphone jack and no option of recording a 4K video at 60p. This Olympus camera has 15 art filters and a Clips Video Mode that enables you to quickly make videos to make your videos more fun.

How to Plan and Execute a Successful Shoot - From Our Expert

How to Plan and Execute a Successful Shoot - From Our Expert

These tips will definitely help vloggers and any type of content creator to produce indulging videos.

  1. If you vlog at home, prepare a list of activities/actions you plan to perform in front of the camera. Scripting ensures that you check all the boxes at the end of the shoot.
  2. Time flies when you shoot. Do a couple of rehearsal shots at your home. This will help you save valuable time and make your schedule peaceful. When you get used to the art, you will be able to write down creative shots on paper from your mind or plan on the spot.
  3. If possible, choose to shoot during the golden hours (the time shortly after sunrise and just before sunset). Your videos will be perfectly lighted.
  4. If you plan on using a drone, make sure you have the necessary documents with you. You don't want to catch a case and face penalties.
  5. Save up and invest in a camera that performs well in low light. Not only will it help you for night shoots but also continue shooting when the sky gets cloudy unexpectedly.
  6. Don't underestimate the power of action cameras. They pack a punch in a compact size. 
  7. Always keep an eye on your gear during outdoor shoots.

Beginners Guide to Vlogging

If you are a beginner at vlogging and need to know the intricate details of it, this video is for you. Watch this video to get a kickstart for your vlogging career. This video will give you the basic introduction to vlogging, along with:

1. The gear required

2. Tips for shooting

3. Guidance for editing your videos

Check Out the Best Video Editing Apps

Check Out the Best Video Editing Apps

To be a successful vlogger, you need to master the art of editing your videos. Although the best editing is done of software available for PCs, there are many decent apps that you can download on your smartphone for some quick and effective edits. Check out the link below to find out the 10 best such apps available of Play Store and Apple Store.


Vlogging has become a widespread trend. From product reviews to travel, from technology to educational, there are just so many topics you can vlog about. If you believe that you need to be heard and your knowledge and creativity spread, you should start recording your videos. Things change fast in this technologically driven world. So, choose the best camera according to your needs and push that recording button.

Author: Rudraveer

Top 5 Vlogging Camera

No. 1: Sony | Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1

No. 2: Sony | Alpha ILCE-7M3K

No. 3: Panasonic | Lumix G100

No. 4: Fujifilm | X-S10

No. 5: Panasonic | Lumix S5

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