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  • 10 Best Gaming Mouses in India 2021 (Razer, Steelseries and more) 1
  • 10 Best Gaming Mouses in India 2021 (Razer, Steelseries and more) 2
  • 10 Best Gaming Mouses in India 2021 (Razer, Steelseries and more) 3
  • 10 Best Gaming Mouses in India 2021 (Razer, Steelseries and more) 4
  • 10 Best Gaming Mouses in India 2021 (Razer, Steelseries and more) 5

10 Best Gaming Mouses in India 2021 (Razer, Steelseries and more)

The gaming system with the best monitor, processor, ram, motherboard is finally ready. A small but quite impacting component remains. To materialize all the speed of the processor and your quick muscle reflexes, the right gaming mouse makes the difference depending on different games, whether solo or multiplayer, online competition, or e-sports.

Gaming mouse though a small component in the system, makes a difference with quick response, sturdy buttons, and customizable profiles. Though there are plenty of details when you start to select which one suits you, keeping in view a few essential points shall help you find the apt one. Let’s have a glance at a few details that will channelize towards the best gaming mouse.

Last updated 07/14/2023
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How to Choose a Gaming Mouse in India - Buying Guide

There are a lot of elements to consider when deciding which gaming mouse is best. We have assembled a buying guide with detail and easy to understand content to help you out with your selection. Let's dive in.

① Choose Between Optical and Laser Mouse

There was once a time when a ball was present on the bottom of the mouse. Today, there are two dominant mouse types available- optical and laser. Both of them are very similar as they rely on light patterns and work with an image sensor that detects light; they differ in sensitivity and the surface. With advancements in technology, the difference between the two types has been minimized.

Optical Mouses Work Best With a Non-Glossy Surface and Are Consistent

Optical Mouses Work Best With a Non-Glossy Surface and Are Consistent

Optical mouses have a LED sensor attached to the bottom of the mouse. The light emitted by LED is not very strong and can reflect easily. This plays advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Too much light can distort the sensor; that's why they are not preferable to be used on a shiny and reflective surface-like-glass.

Non-glossy surfaces like mousepads are much preferable for best performance. Optical mouses are still more preferable by competitive gamers due to their consistency and accuracy.

Laser Mouses Can Work on Any Surface but Are Too Precise

Laser Mouses Can Work on Any Surface but Are Too Precise

Laser mouses have the edge over optical mouses in terms of sensitivity and the capability to be used on any surface. You can use them without any issues about reflection or rough surfaces owing to the strong light emitted, unlike optical sensors. 

One of the drawbacks of the laser's precision is that it is too accurate and can read very tiny details that can cause random movements and jitters while playing, which can misdirect your aim.

For example, there is a very tiny crack on the wooden surface, not visible; the mouse shall read that and respond accordingly. Too much accuracy doesn't play in favor of precision-based gaming.

② Buy According to the Game You Play

Buy According to the Game You Play

It is a crucial point when you are deciding on which mouse shall suit you the best. There are specific gaming genres that rely on individual requirements, and accordingly, you need equipment compatible with it. There are FPS (First Person Shooting) games, RPG (Role Playing) games that are precision-based and require accuracy and consistency during gameplay. 

Getting a mouse with heavy buttons ensures there are no accidental clicks. Accordingly, there are MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games and RTS games (Real-time strategy). These games rely more on functions and accessibility than precision, such as setting up a camp, switching weapons, and giving commands spontaneously. 

For such gaming themes, a mouse with soft clicks is beneficial to avoid fatigue, and the presence of programmable buttons on the side of the mouse for multiple commands is helpful.

③ Different Designs Suit Different Grip Styles

Different Designs Suit Different Grip Styles

Claw grips have the hand curved upwards while touching the mouse with less contact between the hand and the mouse, forming a claw shape. It is an aggressive grip style for fast movements for playing games like FPS or RTS games. The mouse arch is larger and short in front.

Fingertip style is the one with minimum contact between the mouse and the hand, giving the user complete control and fast movements without the palm or wrist being hindered. Mouses made for this grip tend to be light, short, and with a low back arch.

④ Software Enhancements Are Equally Important

Software Enhancements Are Equally Important

Software enhancements are as crucial as shortcut buttons and hardware functions. Major manufacturers have assembled customizable software-based advanced programming, which helps adjust specific tasks according to user needs—for example- creating game-specific profiles like assigning a particular function to a button differently as per game.

The software also helps in running surface calibration in which the mouse software runs a routine that optimizes the mouse and its sensor for the texture and traits of your mousing surface. There are certainly more functions, like changing RGB lighting and enhancing click speed.

⑤ Understand the DPI/CPI Relevance in Gaming

DPI stands for dots per inch, and CPI stands for clicks per inch. Both the terms refer to mouse sensitivity and are used interchangeably, but their definition differs. Let's try to simplify it.

DPI Is a Widely Recognized Term for Mouse Sensitivity

DPI Is a Widely Recognized Term for Mouse Sensitivity

The term DPI has been used commonly since early computer onset. DPI( dots per inch), which most widely measures the output resolution, manufacturers use the term to designate the resolution measurement.

However, this term has been used to measure mouse sensitivity as well, and since it is recognized widely by users, individual companies continue to use it. For example, Logitech uses DPI to measure sensitivity. The higher the DPI rating, the less movement needed to move the cursor on the screen. DPI is one of the crucial aspects when selecting a mouse.

CPI Also Refers to Mouse Sensitivity but Used Interchangeably With DPI

CPI Also Refers to Mouse Sensitivity but Used Interchangeably With DPI

CPI stands for counts per inch, which refers to the sensitivity of a mouse. For example, with a CPI setting of 800, one-inch movement of your mouse moves your cursor by 800 pixels. The higher the CPI, the more sensitive it is to your movements. CPI is the accurate term of measurement, but it is often interchangeably used with DPI, the latter being widely recognizable.

The gaming mouse comes with a DPI/CPI rating as high as 20,000 clicks. But the higher is better is not applicable here. Too much sensitivity leads to jitters and erratic unwanted movements, hindering the gameplay. For example, you aim for a target, but your mouse keeps moving even with slight movement.

Pro gamers use CPI/DPI settings below 3000, majorly between 400 – 1600. Rest, it's an individual preference. Though duly note, DPI/CPI is not the sole measurement to select the mouse.

⑥ Balance CPI With IPS 

Balance CPI With IPS 

IPS refers to Inches per second, and a combination of IPS with CPI is a better and accurate measure of mouse sensor quality. IPS refers to the mouse's capability to keep up with high-speed movements during gameplay.

If you have fast muscle reflexes and movements, but your mouse has a slow IPS rating, your gameplay will suffer. For example, a Ferrari can easily cruise at a speed of 150kmph, but a Swift will start trembling under strain at the same speed. That's the importance of a higher IPS rating; an IPS rating of 300 plus is good.

⑦ Decide Between Wired and Wireless Options

Decide Between Wired and Wireless Options

The wired vs. wireless debate still carries on amongst gamers. Competitive gamers prefer wired ones to wireless ones to eliminate latency (screen lag) and the possibility of a battery running out during gameplay. Many still hold that bias for wired, but major brands like Razer, Logitech, and others have released addressing lag with low latency ratings to create a preference amongst competitive gamers.

If you're looking for a wireless, some models come with a USB charging cable for rechargeable batteries that can double as a mouse cable while you're charging, letting you use the mouse simultaneously.

If you go for the wired model, check the cable length, it must be long enough to reach your table from your CPU with a certain length still free. Do check the cable material; a braided nylon or cloth cover is more durable than a standard rubber coating.

⑧ Look for Certain Additional Features

There are particular add ons that make the gameplay more interesting, and your mouse more visually appealing.

Gamers Prefer a Low Lift-off Distance

Gamers Prefer a Low Lift-off Distance

Lift-off distance is the point when the optical or laser sensor stops tracking when you remove the mouse from the surface. Certain mouses come with a low lift-off distance that stops tracking immediately when you remove it from the surface, and some come with a high lift-off distance that continues to work at a certain distance even when you lift them.

Competitive gamers hinge towards low lift-off distance because there are so many unpredictable movements, For example, picking and turning the mouse 180 degrees several times spontaneously. You don't want the sensor tracking any movement, even a bit, when the mouse is not on the surface when playing, as you may miss the aim.

Customise More With RGB Lighting and Swap Out Grips

Customise More With RGB Lighting and Swap Out Grips

RGB lightning customization is a neat addition allowing your mouse to glow as you want. Certain mouses come with standard one-shade lightning, and some offer custom lights using native mouse software.

For better comfort, few models have swap-out side grips that snap or attach to the mouse's left or right edge. You can adjust the mouse according to personal grip style and to enhance grip and improve gameplay. Certain mouses come with snap-on weights as well that provide a better feel and more control.

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10 Best Gaming Mouses in India

Selecting amongst the best out there, we have assembled a list of the best gaming mouses available currently.
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Key features


DeathAdder v2

Razer DeathAdder v2  1枚目

Most Comfortable Mouse for Gaming



Mamba Elite

Razer Mamba Elite 1枚目

Superb Performance With Aesthetics



Viper Ultralight

Razer Viper Ultralight 1枚目

Excellent Light Weight Mouse for Accurate Shooting




Logitech G102 1枚目

Best Budget Gaming Mouse


Rival 710


 Rival 710 SteelSeries 1枚目

Customisable Design With Swappable Parts



Basilisk X Hyperspeed

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed  1枚目

Amazing Mid-Tier Wireless Gaming Option



Sensei 310

Steelseries Sensei 310 1枚目

An Ambidexterous Pro Choice




Razer Basilisk 1枚目

One of the Best Ergonomics With Customisable Side Buttons



Harpoon Pro RGB

Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB 1枚目

A Strong Performer at a Budget Price



Pulsefire FPS Pro

Hyper-X Pulsefire FPS Pro  1枚目

Decent Gaming Mouse at Economical Price

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RazerDeathAdder v2

DeathAdder v2  Image 1
Reference price

Most Comfortable Mouse for Gaming

The Deathadder series is famous for its comfortable design, and this new version V2 carries the legacy. Users are all praises for the comfortable grip it provides. It has one of the best sensors with an impressive 99.4% accuracy. It just weighs a little over 80g but is a solid build.

The company flaunts its 10million model sold badge to showcase the popularity and reliability of gamers with this mouse. The mouse offers up to 5 customizable gaming profiles for every individual game. So you don't need to change the setting every time before you play. This is one of our top-recommended options.

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RazerMamba Elite

Mamba Elite Image 1
Reference price

Superb Performance With Aesthetics

Mamba elite is amongst top tier variants of Razer's gaming mouse lineup. The model features mechanical mouse switches optimized for swift gaming response times with the durability of up to 50 million clicks. The design is ergonomic and comfortable to use and play, reducing strain while playing for a long duration.

Loaded with standout features, it gets Exclusive Hybrid On-Board Memory and Cloud Storage, which can save your profile configuration for different games online as well as offline. With 16K DPI and 450 IPS, it is amongst the leaders with its consistent accuracy and ability to handle gaming pressure with ease. The design is lit and classy, and customizable with RGB lighting.


RazerViper Ultralight

Viper Ultralight Image 1
Reference price

Excellent Light Weight Mouse for Accurate Shooting

One of the lightest eSports gaming mouses available, Viper from Razer, is the perfect choice for gamers looking for precision and speed in shooting games. This optical sensor mouse is a capable performer.

This mouse balances ergonomics with a durable build quality with a combination of lightweight in build and ambidextrous design. The mouse's buttons are swift in response and fast, allowing seamless gameplay with immediate mouse response while playing.  



G102 Image 1
Reference price

Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Balancing the essentials of features and price, G102 is one of the best budget gaming mouse. The price makes it more lucrative with the features on offer. The mouse is ambidextrous, making it handy for right and left-hand gamers and ideal for claw grip style gamers.

Weighing just over 86g, the lightweight mouse encompasses a sturdy build to handle gaming pressure. Logitech uses a mercury optical sensor for this variant, which is a well-built sensor. With a DPI of 8K, this mouse is a value for money buy.


Rival 710SteelSeries

SteelSeries Image 1
Reference price

Customisable Design With Swappable Parts

Rival 710 is a pro-Right-handed optical sensor gaming variant. One of the standout functions amongst other gaming mouses is the ability to swap out the sensor or change the cable or cover to exactly what you need. An exclusive function allows Discord Integration to receive notifications directly on the mouse.

The mouse is equipped with the famous TrueMove3 sensor, which provides consistent precision and sensitivity. RGB lighting is a bonus with superior functionality. It is comparatively heavy compared to other gaming mouses and may not be ideal for small hands and claw grip style.


RazerBasilisk X Hyperspeed

Basilisk X Hyperspeed  Image 1
Reference price

Amazing Mid-Tier Wireless Gaming Option

Basilisk X is a brilliant mid-tier gaming mouse; this wireless offering allows for up to 450 hours of gaming in one single charge, with no hassles of the battery running out during gaming. The advanced optical sensor with 16K DPI ensures smooth and accurate precision during gameplay.

Razer claims it's up to 25% faster than other wireless options with its sensors and low latency technology. The model comes with up to onboard custom DPI profile storage for specific games to change as required without shuffling in setting every time.


SteelseriesSensei 310

Sensei 310 Image 1
Reference price

An Ambidexterous Pro Choice

Sensei 310 is a pro ambidextrous optical sensor mouse. Fit with TrueMove 3, an e-sport engineered sensor by Steelseries, for amazingly accurate movements. With 350 IPS, sensitivity and accuracy are consistent and precise.

There is RGB customization available as well for aesthetics. The mouse is ideal for FPS, MMO games, and also for regular work usage. The mouse has received great reviews about its lightweight and usability. 



Basilisk Image 1
Reference price

One of the Best Ergonomics With Customisable Side Buttons

This mouse is categorized as one of the best with its classic design that provides a great comfortable grip. There's also an addition to customizing side buttons as required. The model is loaded with a 16K DPI, which provides smooth and consistent cursor movements.

A rare known function also comes with a removable DPI clutch on the left side that enhances precision. The RGB lighting is a bonus with feature-rich hardware. The model comes equipped with Razer's custom software for individual customizations.


CorsairHarpoon Pro RGB

Harpoon Pro RGB Image 1
Reference price

A Strong Performer at a Budget Price

Harpoon Pro is a good contender amongst budget-priced mouses. This wired mouse is built with sturdy materials that provide a good side grip while playing. The RGB lighting adds a neat aesthetic to the good looking design.

The model comes with a wireless variant as well. The lightweight makes it convenient for gaming as well as daily use. The design is good and comfortable for people with small hands. Loaded with a DPI of 12K, it is one of the considerable options to choose from.


Hyper-XPulsefire FPS Pro

Pulsefire FPS Pro  Image 1
Reference price

Decent Gaming Mouse at Economical Price

A well-priced mouse that doesn't cut on features with its lucrative price. It's a stylish looking design with RGB lighting onboard. The design and materials used help in securing a sturdy grip while playing.

The mouse can handle intense gaming, and the buttons are responsive and consistent. It is well priced considering the high DPI rating and functions on offer. The model has received good reviews about its usability.

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Every user has a unique way of playing, and to get the best gaming experience and performance, invest considerable time to find the mouse that suits you according to your grip style and comfort. The right mouse does wonders for your gaming experience. 

Author- Dhruv Manchanda

Top 5 Gaming Mouse

No. 1: Razer | DeathAdder v2

No. 2: Razer | Mamba Elite

No. 3: Razer | Viper Ultralight

No. 4: Logitech | G102

No. 5: Rival 710 | SteelSeries

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