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  • 10 Best Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in India 2021(Asus, HP and More) 1
  • 10 Best Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in India 2021(Asus, HP and More) 2
  • 10 Best Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in India 2021(Asus, HP and More) 3
  • 10 Best Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in India 2021(Asus, HP and More) 4
  • 10 Best Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in India 2021(Asus, HP and More) 5

10 Best Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in India 2021(Asus, HP and More)

Work from home is the norm in 2020. Workplace, classroom, boardroom, parties, get togethers, and everything has shifted to the portable screen at home. Many are looking for either an upgrade or a new purchase to keep up with the current changing times. More than an expense, it’s an investment, so getting the right one matters a lot.

A laptop has become a significant part of life. It is wise to spend time judiciously deciding the model to put in the bag. Getting the right figures on performance, features, and, price is important. To ease your decision making in this strenuous task, we have put forth a guide to help you buy the right machine.

Last updated 07/14/2023
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How to Choose the Best Laptop Under Rs 60,000 in India - Buying Guide

You don't buy laptops every day. Crosschecking specific parameters before clicking buy now is a mindful decision. Ranging from battery life to performance, ascertain certain aspects before landing on the product of your choice. 60000 is a decent budget for the new laptop you plan to make your new companion; striking the right balance between performance and features is essential.

① Consider the Battery That Runs Longer

Consider the Battery That Runs Longer

Onscreen time is high and increasing even further. Good battery life is a must. Certain situations demand long hours, and sometimes with no charging port in the cite, you can ensure to an extent you won’t run out of juice when you need your machine the most.

An avgerage life of 5-7 hours is good battery life. Rest, sticking to good charging habits, like not charging it to 100% and keeping it between 60-80%, can help increase battery life in the long run.

② A Good Storage Option Saves From Hassles Later

In terms of storage, the “the more, the less” expression applies accurately. Files, photos, videos are ever-expanding. With ever enhancing picture quality and video resolutions jumping to 4k and further, making the right choice with adequate storage space from the beginning will save from the hassle to look for external hard drives later.

SSD Is Faster and Efficient Storage Option

SSD Is Faster and Efficient Storage Option

Everyone knows the term Hard disk; well, one must get familiar with SSD as well. SSD (Solid State Drive) is the new storage option that performs all the same HDD functions (Hard Disk Drive) but faster. You will witness faster file transfer and speedy windows startup speed.

Most recent laptop configurations come with SSD as default storage. Though SSD’s are fast, they are comparatively pricier than HDD. Prefer a combination of SSD and HDD to find speed and plenty of storage together in the desired budget.

For a Refined Version, Look for NVMe

For a Refined Version, Look for NVMe

SSD storage has further evolved in terms of speed and compact size with NVMe. In simple terms, with NVMe, the SSD has direct access to the processor, unlike previously. The advantage of connecting directly with the processor has enhanced the existing speed of SSD further.

Many manufacturers have adopted the new lineup of laptops with this new storage option. Look out for upgrades later in the future to further enhance your system's performance if NVMe is not part of the default configuration.

③ Performance Matters a Big Time

Speed and more speed, it’s never sufficient! Selecting the right processor is an essential piece of the puzzle. Every configuration varies with one’s usage. Something acceptable for one may be underperforming for the other. Opt for the one as per your needs.

Know the CPU's Offered by Intel and AMD

Know the CPU's Offered by Intel and AMD

Intel is a popular name amongst consumers and one of the dominant players in the market. Still, AMD, one of the old horses, is rising as a preferable option amongst buyers and manufacturers. The recent Ryzen processors are running equivalent to even surpassing benchmarks compared to Intel. If your work is less graphic intensive, consider opting for entry-level processors like Intel i3, Ryzen 5.

So, if your preference hinges more on gaming, consider AMD’s processors amongst your top choices and Intel for overall performance and Intel’s features. More options in the market currently come equipped with Intel processors.

If your work is heavily graphic intensive which includes maximal multitasking, or you’re a gaming enthusiast looking to have both the worlds under one hood, opt for higher-end processors, like Intel i5/ i7 or Ryzen 7, as they can handle heavy lifting processes seamlessly and efficiently than entry-level processors.

RAM Is as Important as Processor

RAM Is as Important as Processor

RAM is an essential component of speed and multitasking. The processor picks up data from the storage drive and stores it on RAM for faster access. Without sufficient RAM, you cannot utilize the full potential of the processor. It’s like a car with a powerful engine on bicycle wheels. You can well imagine the outcome!

Eight GB RAM is sufficient, to begin with as programs have become more demanding and storage-eating in size. If the memory is slower than the processor, it will end up waiting for a response. If you still experience speed issues with 8GB RAM, consider upgrading it to ease your system from overloading and work smoothly.

④ A Good Display Is a Delight to Look At

Another essential aspect to consider is the display. A comfortable and a beautiful display to stare is a pleasure for eyes. So, check out the FULL HD resolution and anti-glare features.

You Deserve the Full HD Resolution

You Deserve the Full HD Resolution

With the budget we are considering, Full HD resolution (1920x1080) or higher 2k or 4k must be present. A higher resolution ensures great pictures, vivid colors, and finer details on your display.

The display panel comprises a series of dots called pixels; the term "pixel" is a short word for "picture element." These little dots are what make up the images on the displays. The more pixels you have, the more detail you can fit onscreen: Higher-resolution – Crisp details and vivid picture quality.

Check for Anti Glare Display and Touch Functionality

Check for Anti Glare Display and Touch Functionality

Certain manufacturers provide anti-glare displays that enhance viewing capability in harsh lightning and variable conditions. Anti-glare is soft on your eyes and minimizes blinding glares.

Moreover, there are specific hybrid laptops in the market that come with a touch display, specifically known as 2in1 laptops. If you wish to have a tablet-like functionality or drawing pad-like accessibility, touch laptops are good to go. 

Good brightness offers good outdoor readability under bright conditions. Consider displays with brightness levels of 250Nits and above. Nits are a unit of measurement of the intensity of light; it is used to describe the brightness of computer display. In short, the higher the nits, the better the visibility in bright light conditions. This feature is particularly good for those who work outdoor as freelancers. 

Select From LED and IPS

Select From LED and IPS

There’s more to displays in terms of their nature of the build. Let’s break down the technicalities in simpler terms. The two most popular types of panels are IPS and LED. IPS panels are LCD panels that are preferable for their crisp image quality and wide viewing angles.

For visual and graphic related work, IPS panels are preferred well by graphic designers owing to their better color accuracy and consistency. LED panels are known for their dark contrasts and deeper blacks. These panels have lower power consumption, brighter display, and lower heat output compared to IPS panels.

⑤ Integrated Graphics or Dedicated Graphics Beforehand - Your Choice

Integrated Graphics or Dedicated Graphics Beforehand - Your Choice

Integrated graphics are inbuilt in the central processor for all graphics-intensive lifting. Dedicated graphic cards on the other hand, provide a separate processor for handling all the graphics-related work, which speeds up processes and managing graphics-intensive tasks with much ease and performance.

Although the current generation of integrated graphic cards is efficient and performance worthy of playing certain games and handling video-intensive tasks, a dedicated graphic card still has an edge. Its primary purpose is to handle graphics processing than sharing with other processes function with Integrated graphics.

If your work doesn’t involve very heavy graphic intensive working, integrated graphics is the right and optimum choice. If your budget allows getting a dedicated one, there isn’t any harm.

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10 Best Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in India

Searching and selecting the one that suits best is a time investing task. To ease your efforts, we have chosen the best models available.
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Key features


Asus VivoBook 14

Asus Asus VivoBook 14 1枚目

Military Grade Build and Rich on Features



HP 14s

HP HP 14s 1枚目

Portability with Performance and Looks



Inspiron 14 5490

Dell Inspiron 14 5490 1枚目

The Dell Choice for Work and School



HP Pavilion Gaming Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3550H

HP HP Pavilion Gaming Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3550H 1枚目

Sleek Yet Powerful Machine for Gamers and Creators



Vostro 15 3590

Dell Vostro 15 3590 1枚目

Widescreen and Practical for Work



HP Pavilion x360

HP HP Pavilion x360 1枚目

A Versatile Product With a Bending Feature



Dell Inspiron 5491

Dell Dell Inspiron 5491 1枚目

Carry It Along - 2 in 1 Laptop



HP 14 10th Gen Intel Core i3

HP HP 14 10th Gen Intel Core i3 1枚目

Made for Online Classes and Conference Meetings



Vostro 15 3590 HDD (Integrated Graphics)

Dell Vostro 15 3590 HDD (Integrated Graphics) 1枚目

Dependable Performance on a Budget



Asus VivoBook Flip 14

Asus Asus VivoBook Flip 14 1枚目

Think it, Write it from Anywhere

Product details
If you don't see the product you're looking for, you can request that it be listed.

AsusAsus VivoBook 14

Asus VivoBook 14 Image 1
Asus VivoBook 14 Image 2
Asus VivoBook 14 Image 3
Reference price

Military Grade Build and Rich on Features

Asus Vivobook 14 is the latest offering from the Taiwanese Tech Giant. With its compact size and military-grade durability meeting the Military Standard Grade MIL-STD-810G, nothing comes close to portability with durability near it. It is equipped with the latest 10th generation Intel i5 to maneuver, so multi-task easily without missing on security with a built-in fingerprint sensor.

Good mid-range processor, reasonably compact size, ability to handle travel abuse, and equipped with essential features, hence, it is recommended to students and working professionals. Also, it is a good option if you travel a lot.

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HPHP 14s

HP 14s Image 1
Reference price

Portability with Performance and Looks

HP 14S is the new horse from HP’s stable. The 14S is equipped with all the essential features you would expect in this price range. With sleek looks and well lit and equipped display, it’s attractive and delightful to use and look at.

It is equipped with i5 10th generation, which offers a solution for video editing or photo editing, not workstation-class but decent on-the-go workhorse. If you’re looking for content creation with a lower product weight, it’s a fairly good option.


DellInspiron 14 5490

Inspiron 14 5490 Image 1
Inspiron 14 5490 Image 2
Reference price

The Dell Choice for Work and School

The latest portable machine from Dell has amassed good reviews with its lightweight and speedy performance. Dell is well known for its engineering for business and enterprises, owing to their customer support and customization of software and hardware for specific business houses.

Equipped with the latest generation of Intel CPU i5, necessary ports and connectors, and fast charging. Dell Inspiron 14 is a great carry-it-anywhere machine. If you’re a student or working professional who travels frequently, the lightweight and good hardware shall put Dell amongst your choices to buy one.


HPHP Pavilion Gaming Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3550H

HP Pavilion Gaming Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3550H Image 1
Reference price

Sleek Yet Powerful Machine for Gamers and Creators

This laptop from HP is sleek yet powerful laptop perfect for both work and gaming. Equipped with Dedicated NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650, which can handle high graphics gaming, video editing, and can photoshop with ease.

Lit with a purple-themed backlit keyboard and equipped with a Full HD display, the laptop is a great choice for enjoying gaming and content creation involving moderate to heavy video/photo editing.


DellVostro 15 3590

Vostro 15 3590 Image 1
Reference price

Widescreen and Practical for Work

If you're looking for a widescreen machine for entertainment like movies, series, or work but on a bigger screen equipped with a numeric keypad and practical for work, Dell has you covered with its new Vostro 3590.

Sturdy build and texture, it comes with a dedicated AMD graphic card. This laptop is the best buy for work and decent photo/video editing, however, it is not that intensive in nature.


HPHP Pavilion x360

HP Pavilion x360 Image 1
Reference price

A Versatile Product With a Bending Feature

Go with this flexible product if you’re looking for something that can be folded while you can enjoy movies or lie on the couch because HP x360 can mold itself according to your need. Bend it like a tablet, keep it like a tent, or use it as a regular laptop; the versatility keeps increasing. 

The laptop is powered by Intel i3 10th generation to get through the day to day tasks with ease. It's secured with fingerprint 3d for secure access. If you wish to have the same configuration and more performance under the hood, it comes with an i5 CPU.


DellDell Inspiron 5491

Dell Inspiron 5491 Image 1
Reference price

Carry It Along - 2 in 1 Laptop

Sleek and sturdy 2 in 1 convertible offering from Dell is a portable and well-built machine. The machine is equipped with Intel i3 10th generation. The Inspiron 5491 is good for office and entertainment use.

Equipped with Integrated graphics, it can be used for light gaming and photo editing. The Full HD IPS display offers crisp and sharp image quality. Keeping the ante up on security, it comes with a fingerprint sensor. It comes with an i5 processor if you wish more processing power.


HPHP 14 10th Gen Intel Core i3

HP 14 10th Gen Intel Core i3 Image 1
Reference price

Made for Online Classes and Conference Meetings

The smaller sibling of the popular HP 14S i5, The 14S i3 comes with similar features but a less powerful processor. A good option for quality, portability, and looks.

With its HD webcam and a good microphone system, it's a good option for online classes and conference meetings. The model has received great reviews in terms of day to day to use from its buyers.


DellVostro 15 3590 HDD (Integrated Graphics)

Vostro 15 3590 HDD (Integrated Graphics) Image 1
Reference price

Dependable Performance on a Budget

Vostro 15 3590 SSD’s sibling on budget, Vostro 3590 HDD comes with the same processor i5 and configuration except for the storage option and a dedicated graphics card.

If you're on a tight budget and don't care much about storage speed and graphics-intensive work, this one is a right and a considerable fit. The integrated graphics is a capable one to handle decent graphics with ease.


AsusAsus VivoBook Flip 14

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 Image 1
Reference price

Think it, Write it from Anywhere

The Asus VivoBook Flip is a 14-inch 2in1 laptop. Equipped with the latest i3 10th gen, it’s a decent performance convertible at its price. The convertible handiness is packed with features like a Full HD screen and backlit chicklet keyboard. It’s equipped with a fingerprint reader for secure access.

Chicklet keyboard has a large surface area and flat look compared to a mechanical keyboard, reducing errors while typing fast. It’s a good option for people whose work involves extensive writing.

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Current times demand to be tech-savvy and up to date, and with the variety of products available across the board. Making a decision can be pretty hectic. Compare and take considerable time to get the one that matches your requirements accurately. You don’t buy a laptop every day!

Author: Dhruv Manchanda

Top 5 Laptop Under Rs 60,000

No. 1: Asus | Asus VivoBook 14

No. 2: HP | HP 14s

No. 3: Dell | Inspiron 14 5490

No. 4: HP | HP Pavilion Gaming Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3550H

No. 5: Dell | Vostro 15 3590

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