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  • 10 Best Yoga Apps in India 2023 (Yoga Studio, Fitstar, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Yoga Apps in India 2023 (Yoga Studio, Fitstar, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Yoga Apps in India 2023 (Yoga Studio, Fitstar, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Yoga Apps in India 2023 (Yoga Studio, Fitstar, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Yoga Apps in India 2023 (Yoga Studio, Fitstar, and more) 5

10 Best Yoga Apps in India 2023 (Yoga Studio, Fitstar, and more)

Yoga has a great significance in the Indian subcontinent. It is not just a form of physical exercise but a way of living a healthy and blissful life. It essentially means the ‘union of the mind, body, and soul’. The various types of yoga include Kundalini, Hatha, Iyengar, Vinsaya and Ashtanga.

As the pandemic has restricted everyone to their homes, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for online yoga apps. These apps contain in-depth information about different yoga types, poses and postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and much more. Some of the popular yoga apps include Daily Yoga, Down Dog, and Asana Rebel. Read the whole article to know the best yoga apps in India, available on Android and iOS. 

Last updated 07/14/2023
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How to Choose a Yoga App in India - Buying Guide

Choosing the right yoga app is not as simple as it sounds. You may explore the Google Play Store and select the top-rated app listed in-there, yet it may not be the most suitable one for you. For a simple reason – every individual has different fitness needs. So, we are presenting a complete guide that will help you choose the right yoga app for yourself.


Know Your Yoga Goals

Know Your Yoga Goals

Before choosing a yoga app, the first thing you need to do is determine your goal – why do you want to do yoga? Since every app specializes in few areas, this step is extremely important. There could be different reasons for different people. If you have a lean body, you may want to try simple exercises meant for everyday fitness.

But if you have bigger goals like developing a muscular body or losing excess fat, you would want to choose more vigorous exercises. Besides, some people are inclined towards the spiritual side of yoga. As yoga looks after complete well-being, you can also build your mental strength through it.

Therefore, you should choose an app as per your fitness goal. For instance, if you want to lose weight, Asana Rebel is the right app for you. For daily fitness, you can try Simply Yoga.


Go for Beginner-Focused Apps if You Are Just Starting

Go for Beginner-Focused Apps if You Are Just Starting

Do you have little to no knowledge about yoga? If so, then you should choose an app that is specially focused on beginners. One such app is Yoga for Beginners, which has a rating of 4.5 stars and has been downloaded 1M+ times on Google’s Play Store.

These apps work great for someone who is just starting, as they place special emphasis on the basics of yoga. On the other hand, if you’re a skilled yogi holding good experience in this field, then you can choose from advanced level apps, such as Fitstar and Daily Yoga. 


Decide Your Preferred Time Duration - From 5-Minute to 60-Minute Yoga

Decide Your Preferred Time Duration - From 5-Minute to 60-Minute Yoga

One reason that most people give for not practising yoga is the unavailability of time. It’s true that in today’s fast lifestyle, it is difficult to add another thing to our daily routine. But what if I tell you – you just have to take out 5 to 15 minutes daily? With apps like 5-minute Yoga, you can follow your yoga practice every day, even when you have little time in hand.

Alternatively, you can also choose an app that has longer sessions or various time-duration options. For example, Simply Yoga consists of different routines of 20, 40, and 60 minutes, giving you the freedom to choose what suits your routine. While The Underbelly app has both shorter and longer workout sessions. So, choose an app the works best for you.


Consider Additional Features - Offline Mode, Sleep Music, and More

Consider Additional Features - Offline Mode, Sleep Music, and More

Some apps only work when your internet is on; while others have the option of using them offline. If you like to practise in open environments or inside the green,  then the offline feature will be beneficial for you. When you’re practising outside your home, you might not have a proper network at times. So, using an app that works offline will let you work out without any restriction.

Nowadays, many apps also offer the feature of personalization, which means you can create your personalized classes as per your time availability, fitness targets, etc. Individuals who want flexibility in their workout routine can choose this feature for comfort. Besides, different apps come with their own unique set of features. 

For example, Daily Yoga contains 500+ meditation sessions apart from different asanas. Down Dog gives you the option to choose from 6 different voices. Asana Rebel contains other sections relating to sleep and nutrition. You may consider these additional features while deciding on an app. 


Choose Between Paid or Free Version of Apps

Choose Between Paid or Free Version of Apps

Many yoga apps are free to download but come with in-app purchases. They generally provide a free trial period of 15-30 days, which only gives you access to the basic features, like downloading the videos and tracking your activity. 

Daily Yoga and Down Dog are two highly popular free apps available in India. Once the trial version ends, you need to pay a subscription fee to continue with their services. In the full version, you can get advanced features, like creating your customized routines and ad-free use of the entire app.

Some other apps, like Universal Breathing: Pranayama require a one-time download cost. It usually varies between INR 220 – INR 380. In most cases, they do not charge any further subscription fee. So, you can download the free version first and later get the paid version if the app satisfies your fitness goals.

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10 Best Yoga Apps in India

If you look up a yoga app in India, you will be flooded with options. Whether you’re new to it or are a seasoned professional, there are all kinds of yoga apps to help you achieve your desired fitness goal. To help you choose the best yoga app, we’ve done the research and listed below the Top 10 Yoga Apps in India.
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Key features

Daily Yoga Team

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga Team Daily Yoga 1枚目

An App for Those Who Are Fitness Focused


Yoga Buddhi Co.

Down Dog

Yoga Buddhi Co. Down Dog 1枚目

An App for Beginners


Daily Workout Apps, LLC

Simply Yoga

Daily Workout Apps, LLC Simply Yoga  1枚目

Get Your Own Personal Home Instructor


Asana Rebel GmbH

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel GmbH Asana Rebel 1枚目

Get in Shape With Asana Rebel


Rainfrog, LLC

Pocket Yoga

Rainfrog, LLC Pocket Yoga 1枚目

Do Yoga Anywhere, Anytime!


Olson Applications Limited

5 Minute Yoga

Olson Applications Limited 5 Minute Yoga 1枚目

For Quick & Easy Workouts



Universal Breathing: Pranayama

Saagara Universal Breathing: Pranayama 1枚目

An App for Improved Breathing


Fit For Life LLC

Yoga Studio

Fit For Life LLC Yoga Studio 1枚目

Relax Your Mind and Body


Sergii Koniushok


Sergii Koniushok FitStar 1枚目

Get Personalized Fitness Tuitions


Fearless LLC

The Underbelly

Fearless LLC The Underbelly  1枚目

For Better Mental Health

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Daily Yoga TeamDaily Yoga

Daily Yoga Image 1

An App for Those Who Are Fitness Focused

With a total of 10M+ downloads and a 4.6-star rating, the Daily Yoga has been voted as the Best Yoga App of the year 2016-2019 by Healthline. It is suitable for everyone, from a beginner to an advanced yogi. This app is perfect if you want to achieve specific targets – weight loss, body-toning, flexibility, strength, balance, etc.

It has a library containing 500+ asanas, 70+ yoga programs, and 500+ guided meditations, with detailed voice instructions. You can customize the duration, difficulty level, and yoga style as per your schedule. There are multiple options for workout duration, from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Its music library and the latest 'listen' tab feature have received much admiration from the customers. The app is subscription-based, but you can join 6 programs and 13 sessions available for free.

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An App for Beginners

Down Dog Yoga App mainly targets beginners who wish to learn yoga from the start. It offers guided Yoga through HD videos with an option to choose from 6 different voices. It teaches you to focus on 20 different areas of your body to sharpen a particular area.

With its 60,000 different configurations of poses, you can learn yoga with ease. It contains several postures such as - Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Restorative, Yin, etc. It is highly effective in curing back pains and is very convenient to use. What people have liked the most is the variety and level of customization this app offers. Also, it has a very clean interface which makes it super easy to use. 


Daily Workout Apps, LLCSimply Yoga

Get Your Own Personal Home Instructor

It is a basic yoga app, recommended for all – especially beginners. There are varied sessions of 20, 40, 60 minutes with detailed video and audio instructions. The app is simple to use and contains over 30 poses for beginners.

While the first level of the app is free, you can also purchase its full version. The subsequent levels include advanced workouts, options to create custom routines, and no more ads. The reviewers said the free version gives you 3 full classes for an indefinite time, which works great for beginners. They also loved the different app features, sound cues, and simplicity in use. 


Get in Shape With Asana Rebel

The Asana Rebel app is ideal for people looking for weight loss or specific goals such as – muscle toning, strength building, balancing, or increasing flexibility. It offers you personalized plans and has 100+ workouts, all designed by yoga experts. You can filter the results as per your fitness goals, desired time duration, type etc. The customers said that they liked the availability of different workout choices in the app.

With backdrops of mountains and sparkling waters, it gives you a blissful experience. One major plus is that it has simple navigation and contains other sections like – sleep, nutrition, and meditationThe app is free to download but requires you to pay for the full subscription.


Rainfrog, LLCPocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga Image 1
Reference price
Reference price

Do Yoga Anywhere, Anytime!

Pocket Yoga does not require any network connection to function. You can use it anywhere you want – be it your home or a remote island. The app consists of over 27 yoga sessions that vary in difficulty and duration. You can take a quick preview of sessions to check their suitability for you before you start practising. The reviews say that the app is easy to follow and has enough instructions to guide the users. 

It has 200+ beautifully illustrated yoga poses and gives you the option to play your own music from your phone. It also houses a dictionary of poses containing descriptions and benefits of each pose. The only downside of the app is that it is not available for free and comes with a one-time download cost.


Olson Applications Limited5 Minute Yoga

For Quick & Easy Workouts

Scarcity of time is no longer an excuse for not doing yoga. With its quick and easy 5-minute workouts, this app is specially designed for those who are always short of time. You can create your own plans with the help of its extensive catalogue.

The app has clear images of poses and detailed explanations for each of them. You can view all the poses from multiple angles. It helps in achieving improved flexibility, increased strength, and a toned body. The reviewers have said that the app is very stable, clear, and easy to understand. It comes with simple graphics and is great for quick stretches. 


SaagaraUniversal Breathing: Pranayama

Reference price

An App for Improved Breathing

This app is linked with the more meditative part of yoga, helping you to master the techniques of intense breathing. It is best known for curing diseases like asthma and COPD, with a special focus on lung power. Many customers who suffer from anxiety or restlessness found this app very effective.

The app also works on achieving better sleep, greater stamina, and lower blood pressure. You can try this app if you have frequent headaches and migraines. However, as it does not focus much on the poses, you would require another app for that. Also, this app comes with a download cost.


Relax Your Mind and Body

Yoga Studio is for all – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Its highlight is the prenatal yoga section, carefully designed for pregnant women to support their babies’ growth. The app has more than 70+ classes containing 280 different poses, and 15+ guided meditations with detailed instructions.

You can choose classes that suit your schedule or according to your ability to focus. You can even customize and create your workout routines. The app offers a 2-week free trial period for your chosen plan. After that, you will have to buy a subscription to gain full access. The customers liked that there's plenty of options, a good range of difficulty, and flexibility for the less physically capable. 


Get Personalized Fitness Tuitions

FitStar is perfect if you’re focusing on specific fitness goals. It has 300+ highly effective exercises and over 1000 unique training programs. The app allows the users to access personalized practice sessions, designed in accordance with the data they have entered.

It contains HD videos of poses with in-depth information and explanations. It also gives you the flexibility to choose how long or intense you want the session to be. New workout routines are added every month, with custom audio tracks to keep you relaxed while you exercise.


For Better Mental Health

The creator of this app is Jessamyn Stanley, an internationally recognized Yoga teacher and the author of ‘Every Body Yoga’. She is one of the best guides for yoga. The idea behind creating The Underbelly yoga app was to help people bring mindfulness into their everyday life.

It is an excellent learning app that teaches you how to manage your emotions and live life with a positive outlook. The app has received great appreciation with an all 5-star rating on Google’s play store. It is free to download, but the subscription cost is quite high.

Essential Products to Promote Good Health

Essential Products to Promote Good Health

Yoga is one definitive way of improving fitness, especially in times of Covid-19. But that’s not all. We must also take care of our nutritional needs. To know more about it, you can check out the related articles in the links given below.


Yoga makes way for a healthy and positive life. With several yoga apps coming into the market, there is no scope of fooling ourselves with excuses for not doing it. In this article, we have explained everything that you need to consider while choosing an app for yourself. We hope that it helped you!

Author: Deeksha Mangla 

Top 5 Yoga App

No. 1: Daily Yoga TeamDaily Yoga

No. 2: Yoga Buddhi Co.Down Dog

No. 3: Daily Workout Apps, LLCSimply Yoga

No. 4: Asana Rebel GmbHAsana Rebel

No. 5: Rainfrog, LLCPocket Yoga

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