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  • 10 Best Inkjet Printers in India 2021 (Canon, Epson, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Inkjet Printers in India 2021 (Canon, Epson, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Inkjet Printers in India 2021 (Canon, Epson, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Inkjet Printers in India 2021 (Canon, Epson, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Inkjet Printers in India 2021 (Canon, Epson, and More) 5

10 Best Inkjet Printers in India 2021 (Canon, Epson, and More)

Inkjet printing is one of the oldest printing techniques alive. In the 1970s, the first printer could reproduce digital images directly from the computer came to life. With evolving technology, laser printers stepped in, and inkjet printers had an excellent competition in speed and efficiency. Although laser printers are popular, inkjet printers haven’t lost their shine.

With steady recent advancements, inkjet printers are still highly used in offices and commercial establishments, and some high end matches the laserjet printing speed. For color printing, inkjet printers are still preferred amongst graphic creators and professionals due to their color accuracy. Inkjet printers come in various specifications as per different needs. Let’s go through the guide to know which one shall be the optimal one.
Last updated 07/14/2023
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How to choose an Inkjet printer in India - Buying Guide

Inkjet printers are available in various models with different specifications and features. Let's dive into understanding one by one to filter our selection.

① Estimate Your Print Requirements

Before you press add to cart or enter shipping details, consider this crucial step. You could be regularly printing like 100 pages per week or 10 pages per month or printing them in black and white. There are various factors to consider; let's look at them

Identify if You Need Monochrome Printer or Colored Printer

Identify if You Need Monochrome Printer or Colored Printer

Monochrome or black and white inkjet printers have single colored ink. If your requirement involves more text-based document printing, and you often print images and colored content, monochrome printers are more optimal for your needs since colored ink replacements are expensive and, due to negligible colored printing requirements, more prone to dry up.

Colored printers, on the other hand, come with multiple ink tanks for vivid image details and quality. Photographers, graphic designers, and professionals prefer colored inkjet printers.

These printers are specially engineered for printing details crisp and color accurate prints. If your printing requirement involves colored graphic documents and images, it is better to consider a colored printer.

Inkjet’s Ink Dries up if You Don’t Use It Regularly

Inkjet’s Ink Dries up if You Don’t Use It Regularly

One of the major things to consider is inkjet printers require you to utilize them frequently and not let them sit idle for a long time. For example, If you print once a month or 4-5 pages in 2-3 weeks. Due to infrequent usage, ink is prone to dry up.

To avoid the unnecessary hassle of ink replacement, print regularly or opt for a laser printer that utilizes dry powder, putting an end to ink dry ups.

If You Print in Bulk, Check Paper Tray Volume and Printing Speed

If You Print in Bulk, Check Paper Tray Volume and Printing Speed

If you print in bulk, For example, you have to print more than 200 pages per month; it is crucial to look at paper tray volume and printing speed. Look for printers with paper trays that can hold more than or up to 50 pages in the paper tray. 

Certain printers come with 2-way document feeder trays that can hold different size papers separately. Another crucial aspect is the speed of printing. It is measured with PPM - Prints Per Minute. Most inkjet printers have an average print speed of 5-10 PPM

Certain printers come with PPM up to 20 and even 30-Higher PPM equivalents higher printing speed. The speed varies when prints are colored compared to black and white prints. Do check the specifications to know the PPM and compare it with other available printers.

② Consider the Functions You Will Utilise for Your Home or Office

It’s wise to pay money for something you will use rather than spending extra money and increasing your expenses. For example, If your requirement is just for printing, but you end up buying scan and copy features as well, which you think you'll barely utilize. Let’s check further details about this.

Single Function Printers - For Prints Only

Single Function Printers - For Prints Only

Single function printers, as the name suggest, are primarily and solely built for printing purpose. These printers are less expensive and are more compact than multifunction printers.

Single function printers are available in monochrome and color printing models from general to professional use. If your work requirement is scarcely based on functions apart from printing, it's better to get a single-function printer.

Opt for Multifunction Printers for More Utilities Than Print

Opt for Multifunction Printers for More Utilities Than Print

Multifunction printers are like an ensemble of multiple machines in one. They are also referred to as all-in-one printers. Essential additional functions include scan, copy, and fax. With recent advances, certain printers come equipped with features like automatic document feeder, duplex printing, fax directly from the hard drive.

All-in-one printers are suitable for office or home office requirements. If you’re looking for your office, do acknowledge features like duplex printing and automatic document feeder.    

With duplex printing, your printer can print on both sides of pages without changing sides manually; with an automatic document feeder, you can stack documents at once. The machine will smartly intake them instead of manually entering documents, saving a lot of time.

Select Between a Snapshot Printer or a Dedicated Photo Printer

Select Between a Snapshot Printer or a Dedicated Photo Printer

Colored printers are available in different choices between snapshot printers and a dedicated photo printer. The former is portable in nature and compact in size but can only print images in a postcard size of 4 by 6. You may have seen one in photobooths or stalls in events, where a small printer instantly prints pictures taken.

Dedicated printers are more targeted towards professionals, photographers, and graphic designing professionals. They are designed with color accuracy and sharpness specifications. Colored inkjet printers are better than their colored laser counterparts in terms of quality and price; More superior quality and less price.

③ Go for Compact Printers - For Portable Printing

Go for Compact Printers - For Portable Printing

Current times are about portability and on-the-go accessibility; certainly, manufacturers are trying to keep up with the pace. Portable printers are the new iteration of printers that can be carried along anywhere and can connect with your phone, tablet, or laptop on-the-go to print your contract documents, images, or anything.

These printers come with removable batteries to power the printer. They also come with the access of plug-in to connect with a socket available, so depending on your requirement, you can choose either.

These Printers are light and very compact to carry along. For people who travel a lot for work or require a printer easy to move around the house, these printers are an optimal choice. Being the first iteration of compact printers, certain models are expensive compared to conventional big printers. 

④ Understand Different Ink Types Depending on Type of Printing Requirement

Different ink types are available for the printer. Each one serves and is suitable for a different purpose.

Dye Inks Provide Softer Colours Which Are More Vivid

Dye Inks Provide Softer Colours Which Are More Vivid

Dye ink is prepared with substances that are fully dissolved in water. The colors of this ink are soft and vivid; enthusiasts and professionals prefer them for prints. Dye ink is most preferred for prints that shouldn’t be overexposed to direct sunlight and used mainly for indoors.  

For example, you printed a portrait and installed it outside your home, due to direct sunlight, after some time, it will look a lot faded.; dye ink-based prints are more prone to fade. Although recent improvements by manufacturers offer better fade resistance, dye inks are not water-resistant. On exposure to water, they tend to dissolve completely due to their nature.

These inks are superior owing to their vibrancy of colors. Although pigment inks have also come on par with dye ink prints, they are not on par in color softness and vividness. Dye inks are less expensive as well.

Pigment Inks Are More Water Resistant and Produce Better Blacks

Pigment Inks Are More Water Resistant and Produce Better Blacks

Pigment inks hold their color, quality, and vibrancy better than dye inks. The composition of pigment ink consists of larger molecules that don’t get into the paper. They are more water-resistant and fade-resistant as well. Pigment colors produce darker blacks, and owing to this; they are good to use for black and white photographs and prints.

Unlike dye inks, they are expensive because of the making process and labor involved. If your requirement is more text-based or for saving and storing documents and pictures, pigment inks are a better choice. Although, many photographers now do prefer pigment inks for their prints

Certain inkjet printers provide a combination of both dye inks and pigment inks for printing, giving a combination of both color vibrancy and resistance. Before you buy your inkjet, do check for ink type used.

⑤ Printing With Wireless Connectivity Is Time Efficient

Printing With Wireless Connectivity Is Time Efficient

New generation printers are equipped with wireless connectivity in NFC, Wi-fi, Wi-fi direct, and cloud printing. With NFC, you can tap your phone on a specific spot and give the command to print; Wi-fi Direct allows you to directly connect with the printer without intermediary connection over the internet. 

Certain manufacturers provide applications to print remotely from anywhere provided your printer is connected to the internet. The applications are fairly to use and are time-saving. Some printers do still stick to conventional USB printing. 

Having wireless connectivity saves time to print directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop instead of first transferring your file to your computer and then pressing print. Check the specifications before you finalize a printer of your choice.

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10 Best Inkjet Printers in India

After spanning and searching the webpages, here are the best recommendations for inkjet printers.
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Key features


E4270 All-in-one

Canon E4270 All-in-one 1枚目

Best All Rounder Colored Printer at Lucrative Price




Canon PIXMA G6070 1枚目

The All-in-One High Volume Printer With Print Over Voice



DeskJet 4729 All-in-One

HP DeskJet 4729 All-in-One 1枚目

Sleek and Stylish with Voice Command Printing




Canon PIXMA TS707 1枚目

Considerable All in One Choice for Home and Office



PIXMA GM2070 Single Function

Canon PIXMA GM2070 Single Function 1枚目

One of an Optimal Black and White Choice



Pixma G3000 All-in-One

Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One 1枚目

Made for Bulk Printing With High Volume Tank




Canon PIXMA PRO-100 1枚目

Best Colored Choice for Professionals



Pixma TR150

Canon Pixma TR150 1枚目

The Best Compact Choice




Brother DCP-T520W 1枚目

The Speedy All-in-One Printer with 30PPM speed



L130 Single-Function

Epson L130 Single-Function 1枚目

Ideal Single Function Colored Printer for Home and Office

Product details
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CanonE4270 All-in-one

E4270 All-in-one Image 1
Reference price

Best All Rounder Colored Printer at Lucrative Price

This model is the company's bestseller all-in-one colored printer. The printer is loaded with office-oriented features like a duplex automatic document feeder and easy connectivity at home with Wi-fi and cloud printing.

This printer uses both pigment and dye inks for printing. So you get a good balance of color vividness and water resistance. The product has received positive reviews in terms of usage and print quality. The lucrative price makes it our top recommended choice. 

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CanonPIXMA G6070

PIXMA G6070 Image 1
Reference price

The All-in-One High Volume Printer With Print Over Voice

This one is made for high volume printing for home or office use; with a print capacity between 150-1500 pages per month, it can handle heavy printing requirements. Amongst a few, it supports smart speakers for print with voice activation. For example, you can command print current document with 3 copies

The 2 line LCD sits flush with the printer for easy command and current status while printing. It supports automatic system notifications for ink levels to avoid running out of ink scenarios. The wireless connectivity list is rich with support for Cloud printing and app-based printing. 


HPDeskJet 4729 All-in-One

DeskJet 4729 All-in-One Image 1
Reference price

Sleek and Stylish with Voice Command Printing

The stylish all in one printer from HP is one of a kind printer. It's sleek and compact looks give an appealing look to ponder upon. Balancing function with form, the printer comes with voice activation for print commands that can work with Alexa and Google Assistant, which is one of a kind. You can print over Wi-fi and App as well.

The printer includes an exclusive quiet mode for silent printing. For example, you happen to print your assignment late at midnight, without disturbing anyone, you can complete your print. 

The print quality is optimal for photo prints and the high yield ink helps in printing in bulk without the hassle of ink running out. The reviews highlight printer's easy to operate interface and minimum to maintain build. 


CanonPIXMA TS707

PIXMA TS707 Image 1
Reference price

Considerable All in One Choice for Home and Office

Canon highlights and markets this printer's capability for home and office use. The printer stands out with its out of box feature for nail art on the same paper tray with the Canon Nail Stickers Creator app. It's a creative feature for kids at home for school projects and fun. The printer is equipped with Cloud printing using canon's SELPHY app or Apple/Google cloud print. 

The printer can handle bulk printing. It comes with 2-way paper trays to feed it paper of different sizes without shuffling. The auto duplex feature enhances efficiency with both sides of page printing automatically. 

These functions are useful for increasing time efficiency in the workplace. For moderate to heavy use, for example, printing pages upwards of 150-200 pages per month for home or office, this colored printer is a frontrunner.


CanonPIXMA GM2070 Single Function

PIXMA GM2070 Single Function Image 1
Reference price

One of an Optimal Black and White Choice

This single-function black and white printer is a durable and reliable printer from Canon. Loaded with wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct, and cloud printing using Canon's native app, it stands apart from its black and white contenders. The 2-way document feeder on the printer is a boon for printing on different paper sizes without placing them manually.

With duplex printing also available, this one is one of the considerable choices for home and home office use. For example, you require to print files for projects on both sides for every page, it can be automatically by the printer. It is wide in dimensions and requires adequate space accordingly. 


CanonPixma G3000 All-in-One

Pixma G3000 All-in-One Image 1
Reference price

Made for Bulk Printing With High Volume Tank

Equipped with a bigger ink tank to handle your bulk printing need, this stylish and sleek built printer is a frontrunner with its printing capabilities. This model uses pigment inks for print, which are water and fade-resistant. The ink-tank is integrated into the printer, paving the way for its compact design.

The printer is a good choice for quality photo prints and documents, especially black and whites prints. Wireless connectivities like cloud printing, App connectivity, and Wi-Fi direct all are available. This sleek all in one is easy to use and operate.


CanonPIXMA PRO-100

PIXMA PRO-100 Image 1
Reference price

Best Colored Choice for Professionals

This printer is a beast with its dimensions and functions. The printer is the best choice for professionals to print their captured moments. The 8-color dye inks create soft and vivid prints that bring your picture to form with beautiful colors. As canon claims, the glossy, vivid prints can be stored for up to 200 years under the right conditions. 

Unlike other inkjet printers, it can print A3 documents and plus A3 sizes. The printer can print borderless prints (covering the full paper with zero margins) up to 13 x 19". The printer comes with a Wi-fi connection for wireless printing.


CanonPixma TR150

Pixma TR150 Image 1
Reference price

The Best Compact Choice

The frontrunner amongst compact printers, this one is a small yet powerful portable printer. Weighing just over 4.5kg, it's easy to carry and print from anywhere. You can print over google print, Apple AirPrint, or using Canon's SELPHY app. The printer is equipped with a 1.44inches OLED display for clear commands and status.

The printer comes with an anti-theft lock, which secures your printer from unwanted use. The printer is stylish and compact to take with you easily. The battery supports quick charge for fast charging and use. You can print full A4 size documents on the go with ease. It's the best choice for home and traveling businessmen and professionals.



DCP-T520W Image 1
Reference price

The Speedy All-in-One Printer with 30PPM speed

This inkjet model is a speedy printer. Compared to other inkjet models that print 8-12 PPM black and white, this one can print at more than 25PPM for black and white and 12PPM for muli-color. The printer packs Wifi-connectivity along with conventional USB for connection.

There's Wi-Fi direct onboard as well for without internet direct-printing. The LCD is easy to operate and check the status of prints in the queue or current operation.


EpsonL130 Single-Function

L130 Single-Function Image 1
Reference price

Ideal Single Function Colored Printer for Home and Office

This single-function colored printer can handle up to 300 pages per month makes it ideal for your office or home office. The printer in terms of speed supersedes other inkjet printers; with a print speed of 27PPM for black and white and 15PPM for color, it's time-savvy.

The printer doesn't come with wireless connectivity and works over a conventional USB connection. The printer is highly recommended for its low-cost printing and positive reviews about print quality and ease of use.

Looking One for Home as Well?

Looking One for Home as Well?

The list of our know-how about printers doesn't end here; if you're looking for a printer for a home, check our Top 10 printers for the home buying guide.


Whether buying a printer for your home or office, extensive research is vital since options available are plenty. Spend considerable time to evaluate and compare different printers and find the one which fits your needs precisely. 

Author - Dhruv Manchanda

Top 5 Inkjet Printer

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No. 2: Canon | PIXMA G6070

No. 3: HP | DeskJet 4729 All-in-One

No. 4: Canon | PIXMA TS707

No. 5: Canon | PIXMA GM2070 Single Function

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