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  3. 10 Best Water Purifiers Under ₹15,000 in India 2021 (kent, Aquaguard, and more)
  • 10 Best Water Purifiers Under ₹15,000 in India 2021 (kent, Aquaguard, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Water Purifiers Under ₹15,000 in India 2021 (kent, Aquaguard, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Water Purifiers Under ₹15,000 in India 2021 (kent, Aquaguard, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Water Purifiers Under ₹15,000 in India 2021 (kent, Aquaguard, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Water Purifiers Under ₹15,000 in India 2021 (kent, Aquaguard, and more) 5

10 Best Water Purifiers Under ₹15,000 in India 2021 (kent, Aquaguard, and more)

Drinking clean and pure water is the most basic thing you need for good health. Water purifiers with various technologies have revolutionized the way Indian homes purify their water these days. They have become an essential appliance in Indian kitchens. These days, there are many different technologies in water purifiers such as RO, UF, and UV.

This article will give you a comprehensive list of the best water purifiers under ₹15,000. It will also provide you with the right information about the types of purifiers and the factors you need to consider before purchasing. Read this article if you want the best quality water, filled with minerals, for your family.

Last updated 07/14/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Water Purifier Under Rs 15,000 in India - Buying Guide

Due to an upsurge in the number of water purifiers and related technologies in the market, a lot of confusion has been created in a consumer's mind. Read these primary parameters that you need to consider before bringing home a water purifier.

① Check the Water Quality of Your Home

Check the Water Quality of Your Home

It is highly unlikely that the TDS rating is less than the range mentioned above. Water coming to our homes cover a long distance before it reaches us. This distance adds a lot of dissolved solids to the water.

These solids can even be lead, calcium, and magnesium. Moreover, most municipal corporations add a huge amount of chlorine and fluoride to kill the pathogens. All this raises the TDS level of the water.

② Analyse Daily Water Consumption of Your Family

Analyse Daily Water Consumption of Your Family

You can select the perfect purifier for your home depending on the number of family members and the amount of water consumption you have. There are various sizes with different output rates. If your family's water consumption is high, you would require a high-power model to filter and hold a large water supply.

The water purifier's output in one hour in litres should be equal to or more than the number of family members. There are different tank capacities. Most commonly, the purifiers have a tank capacity of 8 litres and a purification capacity of 20 litres per hour. For a family of 4 to 5 people, a water purifier with an 8 litre tank is more than sufficient. 

③ Learn About the Purification Technologies

Water purifiers are available with different membranes such as RO, UV, UF, etc. All the membranes have different functions and suit different homes. Read about these technologies before you make a decision.

Use RO for Extremely Hard Water

Use RO for Extremely Hard Water

Reverse Osmosis or RO technology is probably the most common one in Indian households. It is simple technology with microscopic pores, of about 0.0005 microns, in its membrane. The purifiers using this technology require high pressure and a lot of energy to function. 

RO is ideal for areas with heavy impurities in water. It rids the water of almost all kinds of microbes and impurities. The flipside of this is that it also removes all the necessary and organic minerals from the water. 

The TDS meter rating of water from an RO purifier is usually less than 50 parts per million (ppm), showing distilled water and not mineral water. Cities where the water from Municipal Corporation is very hard, need RO water filters the most.

Know the Difference Between UF and UV

Know the Difference Between UF and UV

UF or ultrafilter is also gaining popularity in the Indian market. These filters have a pore size that is a little bigger than RO's. UF's pore size can vary from 0.001 microns to 0.05 microns. These pores do not allow the passage of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This makes UF really useful for homes that already receive good water.

On the other hand, a UV or ultraviolet water purifier kills germs and leaves their dead bodies in the water. It uses normal tap water pressure for the filtering process. This technology does not use any chemicals like chlorine and kills 99.99% of disease-causing microbes in water. It is also very low-maintenance and requires only a replacement of UV bulb annually.

Go For NF Membrane to Remove Hardness

Go For NF Membrane to Remove Hardness

NF or NanoFilter technology is relatively new. The membrane size of an NF filter ranges from 0.008 to 0.001 microns. Its size does not allow common salt (NaCl) to pass but allows some calcium carbonate particles to pass through. The biggest use of an NF purifier is for water softening

They are also efficient in removing heavy metal salts like lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, germs, and viruses from water. This technology is more expensive than RO or UV. People living in areas with extremely hard water should buy a water purifier using NF technology.

④ Calculate the Maintenance Cost

Calculate the Maintenance Cost

Every purifier needs regular maintenance to keep giving consumable water. Generally, a purifier needs servicing every 5-6 months. In an RO, the candle should be changed every six months, and the filter should be replaced every 12 months, especially if the TDS level of the area is high. ROs annual maintenance can be anywhere between ₹2000 and ₹5000.

The average maintenance cost of a UV water purifier is ₹200 to ₹500. This is low because there is only a UV bulb that needs to be changed which is quite reasonably priced. In case you buy the RO+UV+UF variant, its service cost can reach up to ₹6000.

It is often better to buy an Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) contract from the water purifier company. It is reasonably priced and ensures the best service and parts for your water purifier. Additionally, check the warranty of your product as it can save you money in case the water purifier breaks down within the warranty period. 

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10 Best Water Purifiers Under ₹15000 in India

Check out our list of the best 10 water purifiers in India. Read about them and decide for yourself!
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Key features


Marvel RO

Aquaguard Marvel RO 1枚目

Highly Efficient Water Purifier



Supreme 2020

Kent Supreme 2020 1枚目

Protection Against All Kinds of Impurities


Blue Star


Blue Star Eleanor 1枚目

Safe Drinking Water With No Compromises


HUL Pureit

Eco Water Saver

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver 1枚目

Can Purify Extremely Impure Water


HUL Pureit

Advanced Pro Mineral

HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral 1枚目

Fresh Water With 6-Stage Purification



Smart UV Water Purifier

MI Smart UV Water Purifier 1枚目

Upgrade to a Smart Appliance


Blue Star


Blue Star Excella 1枚目

Get High Purification Capacity




Livpure Glo 1枚目

Sleek Design and Fresh Water




V-Guard Zenora 1枚目

Made for Indian Water Conditions



Pride Plus

Kent Pride Plus 1枚目

Removes Dissolved Impurities

Product details
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AquaguardMarvel RO

Marvel RO Image 1
Reference price

Highly Efficient Water Purifier

This water purifier by Aquaguard comes with many advancements and inclusions to give you fresh, pure, and mineralized drinking water. This water purifier has a seven-stage purification process - I-filter, chemical block, mineral guard, RO cartridge, a membrane life enhancer, advanced virus filter, and active copper technology.

The 7-stage purification can remove all the contaminants by passing water through various filters. Your water will be free of dirt, microbial contaminants, impurities, heavy metals, odor, and other water pollutants. This purification is best suited for areas with over 1000 ppm on the TDS meter.

This active copper technology has many benefits. Copper has natural properties that can purify the water and get rid of the bacteria in it. Additionally, it uses an FTDS technology, which helps in removing pesticides and other dissolved solids. It also includes AVF (Advanced Virus Filter) that protects against viral contaminations.

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KentSupreme 2020

Supreme 2020 Image 1
Reference price

Protection Against All Kinds of Impurities

Kent has been a big game player in water purification systems for a long time now. This particular product uses RO, UF, and UV technologies to enhance the filtering process. Another great feature of this appliance is its TDS control, enabling you to adjust the TDS meter for the purified water to retain some minerals.

It has a compact size and is suitable for the purification of any municipal water. It also has a distinct in-tank UV disinfection technology that keeps the stored water pure for a long duration. The water in the regular purifiers starts getting contaminated again when stored for a long time in their tank. Its water level indicator also displays the water remaining in the tank.


Blue StarEleanor

Eleanor Image 1
Reference price

Safe Drinking Water With No Compromises

Eleanor by Blue Star comes with a triple-layered filtering process to ensure absolute safe drinking water for your family. It has a unique Alkaline Antioxidant Water (with added minerals) technology, which provides alkaline antioxidant water. This strengthens your defense system, enhances your immunity, and helps the body being healthy.

Additionally, the aqua mineral Infuser and aqua taste booster add necessary minerals and taste, respectively. When filtered heavily, water loses its essential minerals too. This is what makes these technologies essential. Additionally, the activated carbon removes odour and bacteria. Finally, it also alerts you about a change of filter based on your consumption of water.


HUL PureitEco Water Saver

Eco Water Saver Image 1
Reference price

Can Purify Extremely Impure Water

This black beauty by Pureit is a great appliance for your home. It is a large unit with a 10-litre capacity. The Eco Water Saver is designed to filter water from various sources such as tap water, borewell, and tanker. The latest technology used in this purifier can clean water with up to 2000 ppm.

HUL Pureit claims that with a recovery rate of 60%, it can save you around 80 glasses of water compared to the other purifiers. It also comes with a 7-stage filtering process and enriched water with the required minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, that we lose in the filtration. It makes sure that these minerals are added in adequate amounts to avoid making the water hard.


HUL PureitAdvanced Pro Mineral

Advanced Pro Mineral Image 1
Reference price

Fresh Water With 6-Stage Purification

Made with food-grade engineered plastic, the Advanced Pro Mineral can treat water up to 2000 ppm on the TDS meter. It can clean borewell, tap, and tanker water. Also, it enriches the water with magnesium and calcium to give pure and sweet drinking water.

Another striking feature of this purifier is that it comes with a Smart Power Saving Mode, which automatically puts the appliance on standby mode once the tank is full. The relatively low tank capacity makes it suitable for a small to medium-sized family.


MISmart UV Water Purifier

Smart UV Water Purifier Image 1
Reference price

Upgrade to a Smart Appliance

The Smart UV Purifier by Mi is a unique product as it has the ability to connect with an app on your smartphone. It can connect with the Mi Home app and Wi-Fi to track the water quality, real-time TDS levels, filter life, and UV sterilization status.

Another interesting thing about this is its Do-It-Yourself (DIY) filter replacement that enables you to change the filter yourself when required. There is a UV light inside this filter that disifects the water of disease-causing microorganisms. Even the alert to buy a new filter, will be there on the app.


Blue StarExcella

Excella Image 1
Reference price

Get High Purification Capacity

The Blue Star Excella uses a triple-layered, RO+UV+UF filtering process that gives you impurity-free water. It has a digital display that also glows when the tank is full. Its high purification capacity filters 285 litres of water in a day.

The Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon removes smell from the water. Besides, it removes bacteria from the filtered water. It also comes with an Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) that enhances the taste and helps maintain the pH level of water. Another feature of this water purifier is that it can be mounted on the wall and kept on the kitchen counter.



Glo Image 1
Reference price

Sleek Design and Fresh Water

This 7-litre water purifier has six purification cartridges, which can purify water up to 1500 ppm on the TDS meter. Its Activated Carbon removes the microscopic impurities and is great for areas with heavy impurities. It also has a sleek and elegant design.

The last stage of the purification process is Mineralizer. This adds essential minerals to the purified water, which also balances the pH level. Purifying twenty litres per hour makes it highly useful for a medium to a big family. 



Zenora Image 1
Reference price

Made for Indian Water Conditions

Most of the urban households in India receive water from tubewells, which add many impurities in the water before reaching our homes. This beautiful looking water purifier by V-Guard has an 8-stage advanced purification system. Additionally, it has a double membrane of RO and UV

It is engineered to clean water up to 2000 ppm, including water from borewells and tankers. This water purifier guarantees 100% safe drinking water by removing all macroscopic and microscopic impurities. Moreover, it can be mounted on a wall or be kept on the kitchen counter. Either way, it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. 


KentPride Plus

Pride Plus Image 1
Reference price

Removes Dissolved Impurities

Kent has certainly captured a lot of the Indian market in the water purifier domain. The Pride Plus is a simple yet effective wall mount model that gives you completely safe drinking water. It has a TDS control system that allows adjustment of the purified water's TDS levels, allowing the retention of natural minerals.

It also has a UV LED light in the storage tank that enables the water to remain pure for longer durations. There is an auto on/off feature in this model that saves energy. It can purify up to 75 litres of water a day, which is sufficient for any small to medium family's consumption purpose.

Know More About Water Purifiers

Now that you have read about the best ROs available in the Indian market, it is time to learn a little more about this technology. You will also learn about mineral water available in the market. Watch this video to:

1. Know the subtle details about the different technologies

2. Know which purifier is best for your area

3. Know how to base your purchase on the TDS rating

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All of us have a right to pure and clean water. Water should not just be clean but also contain the necessary minerals. With so many technologies and products available today, it can become overwhelming to decide your family's best water purifier.

This article was written keeping in mind the common questions and concerns people have about this topic. Also, the products have been carefully selected after deep research.

Author: Rudraveer

Top 5 Water Purifier Under ₹15,000

No. 1: Aquaguard | Marvel RO

No. 2: Kent | Supreme 2020

No. 3: Blue Star | Eleanor

No. 4: HUL Pureit | Eco Water Saver

No. 5: HUL Pureit | Advanced Pro Mineral

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