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  • 10 Best Socks for Men in India 2021 (Jockey, Balenzia, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Socks for Men in India 2021 (Jockey, Balenzia, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Socks for Men in India 2021 (Jockey, Balenzia, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Socks for Men in India 2021 (Jockey, Balenzia, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Socks for Men in India 2021 (Jockey, Balenzia, and more) 5

10 Best Socks for Men in India 2021 (Jockey, Balenzia, and more)

As a piece of clothing that remains hidden most of the time, socks get a lot of attention when become visible. Socks do an equally important job of keeping you comfortable while you spend your day wearing your favorite pair of shoes.

After you are done reading this article, you will be able to pick the perfect pair of socks that goes well with the attire you wear. But before that, explore our ten recommendations for the best socks for men in India. We have included products from top brands like Jockey, Marks & Spencer, Balenzia, and more.

Last updated 07/14/2023
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How to Choose Socks for Men in India - Buying Guide

Wearing the wrong pair can be catastrophic if it catches the eyes of the people around you. You don't wanna be known as someone who doesn't have a sense of fashion. Keep reading to learn about the various types of socks, how to pick the right one for a situation, fabrics used to make them, their characteristics, and more from the below sections.

① Know the Different Types of Socks and How to Wear Them

The below sections will explain the various types of socks and provide you with some style tips to flaunt the right pair or not flaunt it at all. Find out about no show socks, ankle socks, compression socks, slipper socks, and more.

No Show Socks Can Be Worn With Cuffed Jeans

No Show Socks Can Be Worn With Cuffed Jeans

To show or not show? Sometimes not showing that you are wearing socks is the style you want to show off. Suppose you are planning to wear cuffed jeans or joggers to a casual function or ankle-length trousers or chinos to a semi-formal occasion. The best style of socks to go for is the no-show socks.

Wearing socks that show with cuffed jeans or loafers is an absolute no-no. It's too formal-looking for a casual atmosphere. Wear this type of socks to protect your feet from blisters and prevent the growth of germs that lead to smelly feet. No-show socks should be your go-to style when you want to wear loafers too.

Ankle and High Ankle Socks Are Best for Sports Lovers

Ankle and High Ankle Socks Are Best for Sports Lovers

Ankle socks or athletic socks are barely visible. The socks' responsibility to help you express your fashion sense ends there. Ankle socks are usually worn by athletes and gym-goers. They come with extra cushioning under the heels and feet to protect your feet while you run, jump, or lift weights.

This additional padding also prevents the socks from developing tears when used frequently. High ankle socks also have the same features, except they are longer and are visible. It is completely acceptable to wear ankle and high ankle socks for a casual function. It goes well with running shorts, cargo shorts, ankle trousers, etc.

Crew Socks Are Suitable for All Occasions

Crew Socks Are Suitable for All Occasions

Crew or executive socks can cover your calf muscles but not entirely. They end halfway, and hence also called mid-calf socks. This type is suitable for any occasion. You can wear it to the gym, a formal meeting, or a casual party. When you search for dress socks or formal socks, you will most probably be presented with crew socks.

Depending on the use case and the level of comfort you want, look for features like toe and heel reinforcement in crew socks because not all crew socks are built the same way. Do you have hairy legs that you want to hide when you are sitting cross-legged in front of a crowd? Wear crew socks.

Compression Socks Help Improve Blood Flow

Compression Socks Help Improve Blood Flow

Compression socks are specially designed socks that apply pressure to your legs to improve blood flow. People with varicose veins, non-healing wounds (due to diabetes, immunosuppressive drugs, etc.), edema, venous ulcers, etc., can benefit from wearing compression socks. When the blood flow to your legs increases, the rate of healing also increases.

Not only people with health issues but athletes and bodybuilders can also benefit from wearing compression socks. The improvement in blood flow (as a result, improved oxygen flow too) speeds up the removal of lactic acid, allowing you to train longer. Increased blood flow also means faster muscle repair.

Compression socks can ride up to your calf. The gentle pressure exerted by the socks may be uncomfortable for some, but you will get used to it soon, and the benefits definitely outweigh the short-term discomfort.

Slipper Socks Keep You Cozy at Home

Slipper Socks Keep You Cozy at Home

Trying to find a way to keep your feet warm while walking on the cold tiled floors during winters? You want something that is not as heavy as flip-flops but also keeps the upper part of your feet warm. We recommend slipper socks.

They are essentially thick socks with soles that provide grip when you walk on smooth floors. Imagine walking on tiled floors wearing regular socks. We can't stress enough how dangerous it can be. Plus, slipper socks can provide better and more comfortable cushioning than flip-flops and regular socks.

② Check the Fabric Used for Making the Socks

Check the Fabric Used for Making the Socks

Fabric blends are also used to make socks. You can find socks made of fabric blends of polyester, bamboo fiber, spandex, cotton, nylon, and acrylic. Polyester is long-lasting, dries quickly, and doesn't shrink easily. Usually, the welt of the socks starts to sag when used frequently. Spandex and nylon make the socks stretchable, thus keeping your socks a perfect fit for your feet longer.

For wearing daily to your office, cotton and cotton blends (with the majority of the fabric being cotton) can be a great choice. Go for cotton-spandex blend socks if you are an athlete or want one for your daily jog or workout. More than two fabric blends are also common. Research the properties of the fabrics used to find out if the socks will meet your expectations.

③ Choose the Color and Patterns Wisely

Choose the Color and Patterns Wisely

Try to choose contrasting colors. Use a color wheel to find complementary colors, for example, purple and yellow, blue and orange, red and green, etc. The patterns and print can also attract the attention of people. Remember the polka dots situation we explained earlier? 

Show off your creativity and dress sense by wearing socks with crazy patterns like the pink polka dots. Printed socks have always been trendy. Buy a pair of socks with your favorite comic book characters printed on them. If you are comfortable with your masculinity, you will have no trouble pulling off such insane printed socks.

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10 Best Socks for Men in India

Pick your favorite pair from our list of the ten best socks for men in India from popular brands like HEELIUM, Jockey, Marks & Spencer, and more. We got one for every outfit, occasion, and budget.
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Key features


Bamboo Ankle Socks

HEELIUM Bamboo Ankle Socks 1枚目

Must-Have for Sports Lovers



Cushioned High Ankle Sports Socks

Balenzia Cushioned High Ankle Sports Socks 1枚目

Made With Cotton-Spandex Blend



No Show Socks

WANDER No Show Socks 1枚目

Show Your Ankle Not Your Socks



Calf Length Formal Socks

CREATURE Calf Length Formal Socks 1枚目

Suitable for Formal Occasions





Nine Pairs in Nine Different Colors



Woolen Calf Length Thick Warm Socks

CREATURE Woolen Calf Length Thick Warm Socks 1枚目

Keeps You Warm During Winters



Compression Socks

HEELIUM Compression Socks 1枚目

Improves Blood Circulation in Your Legs



Modal Socks

Jockey Modal Socks 1枚目

Reinforced Heels and Toes Prevent Tears



Justice League Men's Character Socks

Balenzia Justice League Men's Character Socks 1枚目

Goes With Casual Wear and Semi-Formal Office Wear


Marks & Spencer

Ribbed Short Bootie Slipper Socks

Marks & Spencer Ribbed Short Bootie Slipper Socks 1枚目

Cozy Home Wear Socks for All Ages

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HEELIUMBamboo Ankle Socks

Bamboo Ankle Socks Image 1
Reference price

Must-Have for Sports Lovers

HEELIUM's Bamboo Ankle Socks for men uses the company's patented design to provide you with maximum comfort. The socks are made using a fabric blend of bamboo fiber and spandex. 

Bamboo fiber is known for its natural antimicrobial properties due to the presence of the bioagent called bamboo kun, thus making these socks odor-free (odor is caused by bacteria). Spandex provides elasticity, shape retention and has moisture-wicking properties. 

Both fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear. The cushioning pads under the heels will protect your feet from blisters during strenuous physical activities. You get three pairs of different colors. Choose from the various size options available on Amazon, Flipkart, and HEELIUM's official website.

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BalenziaCushioned High Ankle Sports Socks

Made With Cotton-Spandex Blend

For providing cushioning for your ankles and protection from blisters while wearing boots, go for Balenzia Cushioned High Ankle Sports socks. It is suitable for hiking as well as formal and casual wear boots. This type is also called short crew socks. It is longer than ankle socks but shorter than crew socks.

The combed cotton used for making these socks are softer than regular cotton and much more resistant to tears and pilling. Spandex, as you already know, retains its shape even if wear and remove daily.

We don't recommend this product as office wear since it could show your legs when you sit cross-legged on a chair. The packs contain five pairs of different colors. You can shop these free-size high ankle socks from Amazon and Nykaa MAN.


WANDERNo Show Socks

No Show Socks Image 1
Reference price

Show Your Ankle Not Your Socks

Should you or should you not show ankle? It depends on what you wear and the occasion. If you are wearing shorts or cuffing your jeans or chinos, wearing socks that show could be a style killer. Especially if you are wearing loafers. We recommend buying WANDER No show socks.

The fabric blend used is 85% cotton, 12% polyester, and 3% spandex. Since socks tend to tear easily at the toes, these socks come with toe reinforcements. The mesh-like fabric makes these socks breathable, and the three silicone strips inside will attach to your heels, preventing you from slipping. Choose between shoe sizes 6 - 8 and 9 - 11 from Amazon.


CREATURECalf Length Formal Socks

Suitable for Formal Occasions

CREATURE calf-length socks are best suited to be worn with formal attire. This type is also called executive or dress socks. You can wear it daily to your office, business meetings, office parties, etc., where you are likely to sit cross-legged, and your socks might show.

The pack has three pairs of colors: black, gray, and navy blue. You can also choose various other mixes containing brown and dark gray too. Usually, formal blazers come in these colors, so these executive socks can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Comfort is assured through the cushioned bottom and breathable mesh-like upper.



Nine Pairs in Nine Different Colors

Allow us to help you save some time searching for gifts for the next Valentine's day, father's day, or anniversary. Gift your loved one with SockSoho IMPERIAL GIFT BOX. The pack has 9 pairs of socks of colors: Black, white, red, pink, sky blue, orange, pale blue, and violet.

The fabric used is a blend of cotton and spandex (95% cotton and 5% spandex). The mesh technology used for sewing the welt, which is the elastic top portion of the socks, ensures a firm grip without the uncomfortable tight grip. Make a statement with your fashion choices with SockSoho's pack of nine crew socks.


CREATUREWoolen Calf Length Thick Warm SocksMWS-303

Woolen Calf Length Thick Warm Socks Image 1
Reference price

Keeps You Warm During Winters

If the air conditioning in your workplace is intolerable for you or if you want to go out during winters, wear CREATURE Woolen Calf Length Warm socks. These woolen socks have terry towel fabric inside, which makes them super comfortable to wear, provides cushioning and the much-needed warmth.

The colors and patterns also make these socks fit to be worn with formal attire. Remember that thick socks could make your shoes fit tighter, which could cause discomfort. Available on Amazon in different colors and patterns.


HEELIUMCompression Socks

Improves Blood Circulation in Your Legs

Do you know that wearing compression socks during workouts can improve your workout and recovery time? Not just that, compression socks can help increase blood flow in your legs, thus preventing venous ulcers, deep vein thrombosis, lessen pain caused by varicose veins, etc. If you have any such issues, consult your doctor and buy HEELIUM compression socks made with bamboo fiber.

It fits tighter than other types of socks, but you will get used to it. You already know about the softness and natural antimicrobial properties of bamboo fiber. You get the same benefits from this pair of socks too. We recommend regular use of these socks to people who indulge in demanding physical activities every day.


JockeyModal Socks

Modal Socks Image 1
Reference price

Reinforced Heels and Toes Prevent Tears

Jockey Men's Modal Socks are crew socks fit for formal occasions. It is made with a blend of modal and spandex fabric. Modal is a lesser-known fabric. But there are several benefits to opting for modal clothing. It is 50% more moisture absorbent compared to cotton. Because of the long fibers, it is durable and doesn't pill as easily as cotton.

The welt of Jockey Modal Socks is made of elastane (also called spandex), which prevents sagging that happens when used frequently. Many customers liked the softness of the fabric and the comfort it offers and purchased more pairs for daily use.


BalenziaJustice League Men's Character Socks

Goes With Casual Wear and Semi-Formal Office Wear

Balenzia Justice League Men's Character Socks is definitely going to grab everyone's attention. It may not look like something that men wear. But if you have the courage to pull off these socks, trust us, that's going to impress a lot of people.

The fabric used is 100% cotton. You get three pairs with the pictures of Justice League characters, Batman, Flash, and Superman, printed on them. 

Customer reviews show that the print quality is good as there are no signs of fading even after several washes. Make a fashion statement wherever you go with Balenzia's Justice League Men's Character Socks.


Marks & SpencerRibbed Short Bootie Slipper Socks

Reference price

Cozy Home Wear Socks for All Ages

Walking on a cold floor during winter is not all comfortable for many people. But it is equally uncomfortable to drag around slippers at home. Marks & Spencer slipper socks are made of 56% recycled polyester, 23% acrylic, 15% polyurethane, 5% wool, and 1% elastane--all with insulation and heat retention properties.

Don't worry about slipping and falling. There are two anti-slip pads under the socks, which are usually seen in all slipper socks. These socks are machine washable. The faux fur inner makes the wearer cozy, offering protection from cold floors. You can buy Marks & Spencer slipper socks from their official website.

Boots and Shoes for Men

Boots and Shoes for Men

Shopping for socks before shoes? That's not how things work. But if you still haven't made up your mind about the footwear you want to flaunt, we got good news. Below are the links to three articles that will help you choose the best boots, formal shoes, and walking shoes for men in India.

As usual, we have a list of our ten best picks, followed by an articulate buying guide to help you choose the perfect pair for your needs. Stay comfortable and impress the crowd with your footwear choices!


If you don't have a pair suitable for the situation, hide it! If you have a choice, just don't wear the wrong type. You don't wanna be seen wearing Looney Tunes printed socks on a formal occasion like a business meeting or an interview.

Similarly, wearing crew socks with no cushioning when you go for a run can be quite uncomfortable. Spend enough time choosing the right pair. You will appreciate the comfort and attention later you get later.

Author - Arun F Xaviour

Top 5 Socks for Men

No. 1: HEELIUM | Bamboo Ankle Socks

No. 2: Balenzia | Cushioned High Ankle Sports Socks

No. 3: WANDER | No Show Socks

No. 4: CREATURE | Calf Length Formal Socks


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