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  3. 6 Best Animal Rescue Organizations to Donate to in India 2021 (Peepal Farm, Furever Friends, and more)
  • 6 Best Animal Rescue Organizations to Donate to in India 2021 (Peepal Farm, Furever Friends, and more) 1
  • 6 Best Animal Rescue Organizations to Donate to in India 2021 (Peepal Farm, Furever Friends, and more) 2
  • 6 Best Animal Rescue Organizations to Donate to in India 2021 (Peepal Farm, Furever Friends, and more) 3
  • 6 Best Animal Rescue Organizations to Donate to in India 2021 (Peepal Farm, Furever Friends, and more) 4
  • 6 Best Animal Rescue Organizations to Donate to in India 2021 (Peepal Farm, Furever Friends, and more) 5

6 Best Animal Rescue Organizations to Donate to in India 2021 (Peepal Farm, Furever Friends, and more)

You must have seen on the news or read articles about the misery of stray animals once the pandemic started. When we talk about strays, the faces that come to our minds are that of dogs. But those who live in rural areas will know that cats, abandoned bovines, donkeys, and even monkeys rely on us for food and water. They live by scavenging leftovers on the street.

There are so many animal rescue organizations in India that are underfunded. It's our responsibility to help these organizations in need, not just through monetary contributions but also through volunteering activities. Here is our list of the six best animal rescue organizations to donate to in India. Have trouble figuring out which organization to donate to? Read our guide following the recommendations section to know more.

Last updated 07/14/2023
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How to Choose an Animal Rescue Organization to Donate to in India - Guide

Did you find out any other animal rescue NGOs other than the ones we have featured here? We are happy that you did. We may not be able to lend our helping hand to everyone, so here is a guide to help you decide which organization deserves the most.


Donate to Organizations in Your State or Locality

Donate to Organizations in Your State or Locality

There are many popular animal rescue organizations in our country. They may be doing a good job, but it is impossible for them to be present in every state or locality. Just do a Google search to find out the local animal rescue organizations, research their work so far, and you can decide whether to donate to them or not.

Asking your friends and relatives can also help since some organizations may not have a business listing on Google or may not even have a website, but still doing their best to care for the stray animals. Local organizations make it easy for you to volunteer your skills and time. You can help rescue animals, clean after them, provide them food on the streets, find injured animals, and many more.

It is easy to communicate with them in your native language. You can visit their hospital, shelter, or sanctuary and investigate their activities before donating to them. Check with the locals about their work in the area; there is no better way to learn if an organization is genuine. Your time on the streets with the strays will also inspire others to be kind towards them.


Give Priority to NGOs That Need Urgent Support

Give Priority to NGOs That Need Urgent Support

Did you hear about any rescue organizations that are struggling due to a lack of funds or volunteers? Even if they are in a different state, there are so many ways of helping them. Share their story on social media, talk to your friends and make sure that it reaches as many people as possible. There are many out there with the willingness to help. We just have to connect these NGOs with the right people.

Animal rescue organizations need more than just on-site volunteers. They also need web designers, marketing specialists, lawyers, social media managers, photographers, and videographers. People at these organizations may have full-time jobs and may not be able to invest time to take care of every requirement.

Check their website for any open volunteering positions, or call them directly. Lack of funds and volunteers (both on-site and remote) will delay any help that could reach the suffering stray animals. You can also help by connecting them with social media influencers, the press, and the local police.


Check if the Organization Has an Amazon Wishlist

Check if the Organization Has an Amazon Wishlist

We don't blame you if you are skeptical of charities and NGOs. News about corruption in a few of them is giving a lot of bad press for the genuine ones too. If you are not comfortable donating money, call them and find out their urgent requirements. Some NGOs publish a wishlist of items they use regularly and need constant restocking.

Have you heard of Amazon's Gift a Smile program? The NGOs who want to be part of the program are reviewed and verified, and a wishlist of items they require is created for them. You can purchase these items for the NGO, and Amazon will deliver them for you.

Head over to the "Amazon Cares" page on Amazon and check if the NGO you want to donate to is listed there. Or you can do a Google search of "Amazon Gift a Smile" followed by the name of the NGO. You will be taken to the NGO profile when you click on the relevant link.


Find Out if They Attend Emergency Cases

Find Out if They Attend Emergency Cases

If you see an injured stray animal, the ideal thing to do would be to take it to a hospital or give it first aid (if you are experienced in handling such situations). One thing that animal rescue organizations face a shortage of is volunteers. If an organization doesn't have enough volunteers, it won't be able to respond efficiently to emergencies.

Find out if your local animal rescue organizations require volunteers. You will get hands-on experience in rescuing animals, giving them first aid, handling aggressive animals, treating wounds, and many more. Here, your time can save lives— something that is more valuable than money.

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6 Best Animal Rescue Organizations to Donate to in India

Here is our curated list of the six best animal rescue organizations in India that have a reputation for actively helping stray animals live a peaceful life—Furever Friends, Peepal Farm, Animal Aid Unlimited, Casper's Home Trust, Almighty Animal Care Trust, and The Voice of Stray Dogs. Your contribution, no matter how small it is, will go a long way towards providing food, shelter, and medical care.Our recommendations under this section are usually ranked, but not this time! Every NGO always goes out of its way to provide love and care to our stray friends. 
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Key features

Furever Friends

 Furever Friends 1枚目

Working for the Welfare of Stray Animals for Over 10 Years


Peepal Farm

 Peepal Farm 1枚目

Strives to Reduce Our Suffering Footprint



 Animal Aid UNLIMITED 1枚目

Rescued More Than 2,00,000 Animals


Casper's Home Trust

 Casper's Home Trust 1枚目

Runs a 24-Hour Helpline


Almighty Animal Care Trust

 Almighty Animal Care Trust 1枚目

Sponsor an Animal at Rs.2000/Month


The Voice of Stray Dogs

 The Voice of Stray Dogs 1枚目

Exclusively for Dogs

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Furever Friends

Furever Friends Image 1

Working for the Welfare of Stray Animals for Over 10 Years

Founded by Vikas Luthra, Furever Friends rescues any animal in dire need of help in the Chandigarh TRICITY. To date, they have rescued about 20,000 animals that include dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and monkeys. They receive about 40 calls a day and rescues over 15 animals a day. The organization has also been at the forefront in initiating legal proceedings against animal cruelty.

With the help of about 1550 volunteers, Furever friends save over 1000 street dogs every year, sterilize them, and find foster homes for them until they are healthy and ready to be adopted. There are so many ways of volunteering for them.

You can become a caretaker, rescuer, or fosterer, volunteer your time advising them in legal affairs if you are a lawyer, manage social media pages, write content for the website and blogs, etc. Visit their website to find out about the benefits of becoming a member of Furever Friends.

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Strives to Reduce Our Suffering Footprint

Peepal Farm is unique in its approach in that its efforts focus on rescuing animals and reducing our suffering footprint—a concept that encompasses the physical and mental harm we do to the living beings of nature whenever we exploit resources for food, shelter, or clothing. The organization is active in Dharamsala, a city in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

They also experiment with ways of farming that do minimal harm to nature. Peepal Farm's stray animal rescue projects include treating injured stray animals, sterilization programs to control the stray dog population, treating stray animals with minor injuries, and finding homes for animals that require special care.

Peepal Farm accepts donations through bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Paytm, and UPI. You can join them on Patreon and set up a monthly recurring donation of any amount you like. Visit their website to find out animals that are up for adoption. You can also find volunteering positions and on-site jobs on their website.


Rescued More Than 2,00,000 Animals

Animal Aid UNLIMITED (AAU) is not just an animal rescue organization. They have a hospital that treats about 450 animals every day. Along with their rescue and medical services, the organization also vaccinate the rescues against rabies, and spay and neuter dogs fit for surgery before releasing them back to the streets.

AAU's sanctuary houses 200 animals of different species—dogs, cats, cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, and chickens. They inspire compassion through their rescues, educate children at school about animal rescue, and conduct First Aid training programs for dedicated animal protectors.

Call AAU if you have knowledge about any animal being mistreated. Together we can create awareness and put a stop to animal cruelty, even if that includes involving the police. You can make donations through net banking, using credit/debit cards, cheques, Paytm, or any UPI app. Donations from the USA and India are tax deductible under 80G.


Runs a 24-Hour Helpline

Casper's Home Trust has rescued over 5000 animals so far. This includes dogs, cows, monkeys, bulls, and horses. They have sterilized more than 400 dogs and adopted over 85 of them. But Casper's mission is not just population control of stray dogs but also the rehabilitation of disabled, blind, paralyzed, and abandoned animals.

They run a 24-hour helpline to help all animals in Agra city. Their awareness programs at school educate children about being compassionate towards animals, ways of coexisting with animals, and the evils of backyard breeding

We couldn't find any information regarding volunteering on their website. But you can help them by making monetary donations and also by purchasing the items on their wishlist.


Sponsor an Animal at Rs.2000/Month

The founder of Almighty Animal Care Trust, M. Sai Vignesh, has rescued over 250 injured or sick animals, found homes for 250+ puppies and kittens, vaccinated 900+ stray dogs, and distributed water bowls to many areas across the city to quench the thirst of stray animals. He established a sanctuary in 2019, which is home to 44 bovines, three goats, two rabbits, one rooster, and a hen.

Sai needs our help now to run the sanctuary and continue his mission of feeding over 250 stray animals every day. The organization has a track record of rescuing animals from illegal slaughterhouses and preventing wildlife trafficking.

You can make monetary donations or contribute in the form of feed/fodder (Rice, Dal, Soya, Horse gram, Hay, Bran, Peanut Cakes, Vegetables, and Fruits). There is also an option to sponsor a bovine at Rs. 2000/month, which will go towards its food and medical expenses.


Exclusively for Dogs

The Voice of Stray Dogs specializes in rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, disabled, and special needs dogs. They also allow you to surrender retired, aggressive, blind, cruelty survivor, breeder rescues, and even pet dogs (if they become unmanageable for you). VOSD will never put down a dog because of a lack of space or resources.

Only if the dog is in insufferable pain will the organization even consider letting go, and that decision has to be taken by the founder. Your donation will go towards taking care of 900+ dogs, stray dog rescue, etc. As for volunteering opportunities, you can assist VOSD staff in cleaning and caring for dogs.

It's an internship program that will require you to stay at the sanctuary. They are also looking for interns and volunteers who can make films, write stories, create photo essays depicting the life of strays. Another way of supporting this organization, other than monetary donations, is by buying merchandise available on their website.

Five Things That Will Make Life Better for Animals and Humans Alike

Summer is over. But these tips by Robin Singh, co-founder of Peepal Farm, are just to remind you that the simple things we do can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

  • Dogs and cats may take cover under cars, buses, and lorries when they can't handle the heat. Check underneath before you start the vehicle.
  • Carry a bottle filled with drinking water when you go out. If you see any homeless people on the roadside, give it to them.

Robin Singh has more ways of helping people and animals. Watch the video and subscribe to the YouTube channels of these animal rescue organizations to know more about their activities. 

Help People in Need by Donating to COVID-19 Relief Funds

Help People in Need by Donating to COVID-19 Relief Funds

The COVID-19 pandemic is destroying the lives of many across the country. There are neglected communities among us, shortage of essentials like protective gear, oxygen concentrators, etc. Many cannot afford expensive treatment and rely on the government and NGOs to help them.

Here is an article featuring the ten best COVID-19 relief funds to donate to in India and buying guide to help you choose one. Our contributions can help save the life of an earning member of a family, reduce the risk of a child becoming orphaned, help health workers who are more susceptible to get infected—the possibilities are endless.


Animal rescue organizations do more than just provide food and medical care to strays. They inspire compassion and teach us that it is possible to coexist in peace. These organizations also protect animals from cruelty.

Animals also get abandoned after they become old or if they cannot provide what their owner expects. Our love and company will help them heal their physical as well as mental wounds. Let's sleep peacefully today knowing that we helped a poor soul find happiness.

Author - Arun F Xaviour

Top 5 Animal Rescue Organization

No. 1: Furever Friends

No. 2: Peepal Farm

No. 3: Animal Aid UNLIMITED

No. 4: Casper's Home Trust

No. 5: Almighty Animal Care Trust

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