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  • 10 Best Guitar for Beginners in India 2021(Kadence, Yamaha and More) 1
  • 10 Best Guitar for Beginners in India 2021(Kadence, Yamaha and More) 2
  • 10 Best Guitar for Beginners in India 2021(Kadence, Yamaha and More) 3
  • 10 Best Guitar for Beginners in India 2021(Kadence, Yamaha and More) 4
  • 10 Best Guitar for Beginners in India 2021(Kadence, Yamaha and More) 5

10 Best Guitar for Beginners in India 2021(Kadence, Yamaha and More)

The guitar is undoubtedly the coolest musical instrument. You either know how to play it or want to learn playing it. Learning to play the guitar involves a meticulous effort. However, before putting in all those efforts, you need to get your hands on an instrument that is ideal for a beginner. Choosing a fit or an unfit guitar can make a huge difference in your learning as well as your motivation to learn.

This article has been written keeping in mind the beginners, who probably do not have a significant idea about guitars or other musical instruments. This list would include the best acoustic guitars for beginners as the best guitars to learn this skill on are acoustic guitars. We have also considered the comfort and playability before selecting the best guitars for you. Read on!

Last updated 07/14/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Guitar for Beginners - Buying Guide

From strings to size, we have covered all for you. Just have a look and you will get a good idea as to what things to look for in a guitar while buying. 

① Get to Know the Classification of Guitars

"I got my first real six-string. Bought it at the five-and-dime. Played it 'til my fingers bled. Was the summer of '69." Bryan Adams made this legendary song by writing about his first guitar as a child. Your first guitar can have tremendous memories for you and can motivate you to keep learning and progressing. You need to know many basic things about a guitar first.

Before diving into the specifics, let us learn about the two main types of acoustic guitars. We have compared only acoustic guitars as they are best for learning to play. Other than acoustic, there are electric guitars, which require an amplifier and play very differently. 

Acoustic Guitar With Steel Strings

Acoustic Guitar With Steel Strings

A steel-stringed acoustic guitar is the one that you see most commonly. Even the best of musicians use these acoustic guitars for their performances. The fretboard, also called the neck of the guitar, of steel-stringed guitars, is narrower as compared to classical guitars. This narrow neck makes it easier for beginners to get a grip on the guitar.

The strings of these guitars generate a bright sound that resonates more. It has sharper strings as compared to classical guitars, producing sharper sounds. The strings play the biggest role in the sound quality of any guitar. Your favourite artists from Arijit Singh to Lucky Ali, all use steel-stringed acoustic guitars.

Classical Guitar With Nylon Strings

Classical Guitar With Nylon Strings

Classical guitars are more affordable than the steel-stringed acoustic guitars. Both these guitars come under the category of acoustic guitars, but the main difference is in the strings. A classical acoustic guitar uses nylon strings that are softer and produce a more mellow sound.

These softer strings are also easier to play as they do not hurt the fingers too much. However, for beginners, a classical guitar might not be ideal as it has a thicker fretboard, which makes it a little hard to switch chords comfortably. 

Although it does not hurt the fingers as much as a steel-stringed guitar, the truth is that your fingers will initially hurt using any guitar you pick; it takes some getting-used-to. The main difference that can affect your decision between the two is sharp and mellow sounds, respectively.

② Size and Structure Matters - Full, Medium, and Small

Size and Structure Matters - Full, Medium, and Small

Guitars come in various sizes - full, medium, and small. Depending on the shape and size of guitars, they are called by different names. As a beginner, it is ideal for you to go with a medium-sized guitar. The size and the way a guitar is shaped have their effects on its sound. In fact, every part of a guitar has its effect on the quality of sound.

Additionally, the shape would also define the comfort of the guitar while sitting or standing. A comfortable neck shape enables beginners to play the guitar with much more comfort. For beginners, it is highly important to feel ease while playing the guitar. A regular acoustic guitar generally ranges between 38 to 41 inches. All the guitars in this range are good, to begin with.

③ Pick According to Your Budget

Pick According to Your Budget

In the case of guitars, the quality of the sound is pretty much directly proportional to the price. This means that more expensive guitars will definitely have superior sound. However, as a beginner, your main aim should not be the finest sound quality; it should rather be the comfort. It is not advised to spend a lot of money on your first guitar.

The list of guitars mentioned by us is also prepared after keeping the prices in mind. There are guitars available in the market that might cost you as low as 2000 rupees. Such guitars are usually very light and do not have the tonal quality fit even for beginners. An ideal price range of guitars for beginners is ₹4000 to ₹10000.

④ Check the Quality of the Strings

Check the Quality of the Strings

Thin, steel strings are perfect for beginners. Thin strings make it easier to play the guitar for longer hours. However, thin strings also break easily. You should have an extra set of strings with you to replace them whenever a string on your guitar breaks. Or, you can buy guitars with thicker strings. Many guitars come with an extra set of strings included in the price.

Another thing that can affect your guitar experience is the action of the strings. In the language of guitars, the action of strings refers to the distance between the top of the frets and the bottom of the strings. 

The comfort level of playing the guitar with less action is considerably more than the one with more action. Less distance between the frets and the strings will be easier on your fingers and would enable you to play it for longer hours.

⑤ The Best Guitar Will Be Comfortable Too

The Best Guitar Will Be Comfortable Too

To play the guitar well and learn it effectively, the person holding it should be in a comfortable position. If your guitar requires you to adjust the positioning after every few seconds, it is not an ideal guitar for you

You can check the comfort of a guitar by taking it from a friend or going to a local musical instruments store. You should evaluate the shape and weight of the guitar. You should sit and hold the guitar and see if it is comfortable. Additionally, certain acoustic guitars are custom-made for right-handed or left-handed people. 

It will help if you keep this in mind before buying a guitar, especially when buying it online. The size of the guitar would also affect the comfort level. Kids below the age of twelve should generally be given medium-sized guitars.

⑥ Look for the Accessories Being Offered

Look for the Accessories Being Offered

Most of the guitars do not come with basic accessories like a guitar bag or plectrum, also known as a pick. If a company is offering these accessories along with the guitar, it is a wonderful deal. Else, you will need to purchase these supplementary things on your own. 

Therefore, while deciding the right guitar to buy, consider whether the guitar comes with this extra equipment. Generally, these accessories are a guitar bag, strap, plectrums, guitar wipe cloth, an extra set of strings, and a capo. Even if a company just offer a bag, strap, and a few plectrums, it is a great buy as these things can cost you around ₹1000 if purchased separately.

⑦ The Type of Wood Decides the Quality of Sound

The Type of Wood Decides the Quality of Sound

Rosewood guitars are more expensive than other guitars because it offers a smooth, warm tone with complex overtones. Rosewood has a dark, chocolate brown colour and is mostly used for the back and sides of the guitar. Combined with a top made of spruce wood, rosewood provides a versatile array of tones.

Lindenwood, from Linden trees, makes soft guitars that are easy to work with. One drawback, however, is that these guitars dent easy. Other than this, guitars made from Lindenwood have a warm, balanced sound with a good mid-range.

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10 Best Guitar for Beginners in India

Let us dig into the best ten guitars available for beginners in the Indian market. The order of this list is not necessarily based on the specifications alone. It is rather based on specifications, value for money, and comfort for absolute beginners.
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Key features


Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic

Kadence Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic 1枚目

Beginners - Go With This Guitar



CD 60 Dread V3 DS

Fender CD 60 Dread V3 DS 1枚目

One of the Best Fingerstyle Guitars



F280 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar 1枚目

A Trusted Brand in Musical Instruments



SA Series 150C

Fender SA Series 150C 1枚目

A Reliable and Durable Product




Ibanez MD39C 1枚目

Premium Quality at Budget Pricing



Frontier Series

Kadence Frontier Series 1枚目

A Quality Product by Kadence



Acoustic Guitar 038C

Juarez Acoustic Guitar 038C 1枚目

The Most Reasonably Priced Guitar



HZA 4000

Hertz HZA 4000 1枚目

The One With Sleek Finish




Henrix PRO 1枚目

Best Guitar to Play for Long Hours




Intern INT-38C 1枚目

Looks Good, Plays Better

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KadenceFrontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic

Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic Image 1
Reference price

Beginners - Go With This Guitar

This guitar by Kadence is one from its "budget series". It is a semi-acoustic guitar, which means that it can be connected to an amplifier like an electric guitar. The Frontier Jumbo is a large guitar and comes with a lot of accessories.

It is a delight for beginners as, at such a low price, they will get all the accessories they need for their instrument. The packaging includes a pack of strings, tuner, capo, picks, foldable guitar stand, guitar bag, and strap. Additionally, it is known for its great sound quality too. Many guitar teachers recommend their students to buy Kadence guitars as it offers great value for money along with providing ease of playing.

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FenderCD 60 Dread V3 DS

CD 60 Dread V3 DS Image 1
Reference price

One of the Best Fingerstyle Guitars

Fender is one of the most popular international guitar manufacturers. Fender's guitars are best known for their ease of playing fingerstyle guitar on them. Fingerstyle guitar is a technique of playing the guitar by plucking the strings using your fingers, fingernails, or plectrums attached to fingers.

This guitar also has the perfect action for beginners and produces bright, sharp and clean resonating sounds. This full-size dreadnought guitar also has sufficient spacing between its 20 frets and six strings, making it very easy to play the chords. This feature is especially good if you have larger thumbs.


YamahaF280 Acoustic Guitar

F280 Acoustic Guitar Image 1
Reference price

A Trusted Brand in Musical Instruments

Yamaha guitars are one of the most popular in India as they deliver professional instruments with reliable brand quality. It is one of the best guitars in its price range and has excellent sound quality. It is highly rated for its appropriate string space.

Beginners love Yamaha guitars because of their brand value and also sleek finish. This guitar, at 2.8 kg, is also quite light as compared to other guitars in this category. The lightweight makes it easier for amateurs to practise for long hours.


FenderSA Series 150C

SA Series 150C Image 1
Reference price

A Reliable and Durable Product

This dreadnought-shaped guitar is designed keeping in mind the people whose handling of things is a little rough. The bag that this guitar comes with has back-pack style straps for easy carrying. It is made of durable nylon outer shell and is water-resistant. This company also gives a microfiber polishing cloth and an e-book that is a beginner's guide to learning guitar.

Apart from all the accessories and safety, this guitar is well-suited for beginners as well as practitioners. It has a slim neck and smooth finish, which makes it easier to play. Even the professionals who are used to playing electric guitars will feel at home with the narrow neck of this guitar.



MD39C Image 1
Reference price

Premium Quality at Budget Pricing

Ibanez produces a range of premium guitars. The MD39C is a way to give a little taste of Ibanez's high quality to budget buyers. It is a good alternative to the expensive Yamaha acoustic guitars. Ibanez's guitars have that Japanese panache and finishing in them.

This particular model weighs only 2.76 kg and its 20 frets have decent space between them. It has a perfect size, not too big or too small. These specifications, along with the credibility of the brand, made us include this product in our top ten.


KadenceFrontier Series

Frontier Series Image 1
Reference price

A Quality Product by Kadence

This guitar by Kadence is semi-acoustic that comes with an equalizer and pickup. The package includes a guitar bag with strap, picks, and a set of strings. The guitar is designed for great sound quality, high durability, and increased ease of use.

Apart from this, its Lindenwood body enables more resonance through the hollow chamber. It produces a great treble and is fit to cover songs from all genres. Being semi-acoustic, it can be connected with an amplifier. After plugging-in, it will produce more volume and tone as compared to when it is not plugged-in.


JuarezAcoustic Guitar 038C

Acoustic Guitar 038C Image 1
Reference price

The Most Reasonably Priced Guitar

It is probably the cheapest acoustic guitar available in the Indian market. However, its low price does not mean that it is low on quality. It has one of the highest numbers of positive ratings in the acoustic guitars category. There are some great reviews about good sound quality, comfort, and value for money for this guitar.

The body of this guitar is made from Lindenwood, which helps produce a warm sound. It is incredible to get a cutaway guitar of 38-inch length at such a low price. It has 18 frets, and its cutaway design makes it easier to play higher notes.


HertzHZA 4000

HZA 4000 Image 1
Reference price

The One With Sleek Finish

Another guitar made from Lindenwood, the HZA 400 is a high-quality Indian product that has excellent sound quality. It is a semi-acoustic guitar with rosewood fingerboard. Rosewood fingerboard gives it a fine look along with enhancing the playability.

Another key specification of this guitar is its weight. It weighs only 2 kgs and is a delight for beginners. The blue colour also adds to its appeal, especially for kids. It has an in-built tuner to adjust the sound when connected with an amplifier.



PRO Image 1
Reference price

Best Guitar to Play for Long Hours

The best feature of this guitar is its diecast tuners. The tuners on the top of this guitar are made of matt black laminated diecast. This enables precise tuning and also keeps the guitar tuned for a longer time. This feature is preferred by a lot of professional musicians as it enables them to jam for a stretched period of time.

A lot of accessories come along with this guitar - guitar bag, strap, extra strings set, 3 picks, string winder, and a microfiber guitar polishing cloth. It is rare to find so many accessories along with a guitar at such a reasonable price. It comes in both cutaway and regular designs. A cutaway design is more preferrable for beginners.



INT-38C Image 1
Reference price

Looks Good, Plays Better

The INT-38C comes with a glossy finish and is engineered to produce high-quality sound. Its cutaway design helps in playing the higher notes in this 18-fret guitar. It is a highly attractive guitar because of its aesthetic appeal.

The strings of this guitar, unlike most of the acoustic guitars, are made of nylon and not steel. Nylon strings are softer and easy to play. Although they produce a dampened and mellow sound as compared to steel-stringed guitars, guitars with nylon strings can be played for longer hours as they do not hurt the fingers as much.

Learn How to Tune a Guitar

Tuning a guitar is one of the most basic and important skills that even a beginner should know. Although there are mobile apps like GuitarTuna that can assist you in tuning your guitar, we feel that every guitar player should have the ability to judge the tone of each string by listening to it. Watch this video to learn:

1. How to know if your guitar is out of town

2. How to memorise the strings

3. How to use a clip-on tuner

Enhance Your Music Experience

Enhance Your Music Experience

Check out more appliances that can upgrade your home and elevate your music experience. Use these products to listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite movies.


A guitar is a musical instrument that is not extremely hard to learn. It is also easy to carry and play anywhere to any song. You do not need to be a master of this instrument. Learning a few tunes by getting a basic hang of string instruments can make you the life of the party or help you overcome stress by spending an hour playing your guitar.

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Top 5 Guitar for Beginner

No. 1: Kadence | Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic

No. 2: Fender | CD 60 Dread V3 DS

No. 3: Yamaha | F280 Acoustic Guitar

No. 4: Fender | SA Series 150C

No. 5: Ibanez | MD39C

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