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  • 10 Best Investment Apps in India 2021 (5paisa, Upstox, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Investment Apps in India 2021 (5paisa, Upstox, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Investment Apps in India 2021 (5paisa, Upstox, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Investment Apps in India 2021 (5paisa, Upstox, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Investment Apps in India 2021 (5paisa, Upstox, and more) 5

10 Best Investment Apps in India 2021 (5paisa, Upstox, and more)

Most of us know how to make money, but little do we know how to manage it. Currently, there is a lot of buzz going around about investing and trading. With so many online investment platforms, investing has become easier than ever.

Nowadays, mobile applications such as Upstox, 5paisa and many others have become a hit among Indians for providing a great investing experience. With these, you get several benefits – from trade via charts, discounted brokerage, to creating customized watchlists, learning through videos, etc. Follow this article to know the best investment apps in India of 2021.

Last updated 07/14/2023
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How to Choose an Investing App in India – Buying Guide

Now that you know the best investment apps read further to learn how to choose the right app for you. With so many options available, selecting one can be overwhelming. Save your time and find out the best investing app based on your financial goals by following this in-depth guide. 

It will tell you about the different app features and things that you must keep in mind while choosing an investment app. 


Pay Attention to the User Interface (UI)

Pay Attention to the User Interface (UI)

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a clean & simple UI. It basically defines your experience of using an app. Nobody wants to see a screen chock-a-block with icons & labels or with no particular order of things. 

You would not want the navigation to be a painful activity. It will exhaust you in no time, and you will eventually lose interest in the app. So choose an app that is easy to understand and operate. You are already burning your brain cells throughout the day. Let this one be a simple and pleasurable experience. 

Examples of such apps include Upstox and Angel broking, amongst many others. They have clean screens with the appropriate amount of information provided under each section. The icons are placed correctly, and one can scroll easily.


Consider the Brokerage Fee

Consider the Brokerage Fee

A brokerage fee is an amount charged by a broker for executing your transactions. This fee is for the services he provides, such as sales orders, purchases, consultation, and delivery. 

There has often been a myth that investing through online apps is free of brokerage. Well, that’s not correct! Not all apps offer you zero commission investments. While it may hold for mutual funds; however, when it comes to trading, most apps charge a certain amount for every executed order. 

For example, Upstox charges a brokerage up to Rs 20 per trade for intraday, F&O, and commodities. However, 5paisa only charges Rs 10/order in its power investor pack. You can check the charges for different apps and decide as per your preference.


Go for an Easy Registration Process

Go for an Easy Registration Process

In today’s time, registering for investment must not be a challenging task. In the past, most people were not very receptive to invest; simply because they detested the registration process as it was cumbersome. Today, there is no such problem, thanks to technological advancement.

The best online apps generally have a smooth & quick registration process, where KYC is 100% paperless. For example, apps like Groww and Edelweiss require minimal documentation and have a simplified KYC. 

All you need is your Aadhar card photo, PAN card number, bank details like the account number and IFSC code, and other personal information. It will only take a few minutes to register. 


Beginners Should Try Apps that Contain a Learning Section

Beginners Should Try Apps that Contain a Learning Section

You might be a little sceptical about investing if you are a beginner. Makes sense! As you may have very little knowledge about the field, it is natural to have certain apprehensions. But don’t worry! Some apps can help you with this.

Some investment apps, including Groww, 5paisa and IIFL, come with a learning & research section that specifically caters to the requirements of the newbies. 

They contain various blogs and videos providing knowledge about investment and wealth management. For example, you can learn about the best stocks for beginners or different ways to learn stock trading.


Consider Any Unique Features Offered by the App

Consider Any Unique Features Offered by the App

All investment apps have many features in common. What you should look for is any standout feature or one that differentiates a particular app from the rest. For example, 5paisa has a feature of guest login, which offers great convenience. You may first want to explore the app without having to register through your email id. So, in such a situation, the guest-login option comes in really handy. 

Another example is the ARQ Prime offering by Angel Broking that provides recommendations on stocks using a specific set of rules. That helps improve your portfolio performance. Also, the Auto Investor feature by 5paisa is again a very useful tool that allows you to create a fully customized portfolio, thereby saving your time while investing. 

So you can compare different app features, find out which option serves you the best overall and make your buying decision accordingly. 


See If There Is a Website for the App

See If There Is a Website for the App

With smartphones increasingly becoming popular & technologically advanced, we hardly use product websites anymore. However, if you give it a little thought – a website provides you with much more detailed information about the app, such as the company's history, how it started and who are its developers. So, always look for the website of the app.

Also, web experience will be really helpful in a situation where you do not have access to your mobile phone or if your phone gets lost or damaged. Moreover, it may also allow you to chat with developers, be a part of their community, or simply learn more about the app. 


Do Your Homework – Check the App Ratings & Reviews

Do Your Homework – Check the App Ratings & Reviews

This one is obvious; do check the customers’ ratings & reviews for the app. See what the existing users have to say about the app. Reviews provide you with additional information that can help you make a well-informed decision.

Ideally, you should try an app that at least has a 4.2/5 star rating with a good number of downloads. Although some investment apps, like Upstox and Edelweiss, hold excellent 4.4 to 4.5-star ratings, you must also consider other factors listed in this guide. 


See the App Compatibility With Different Devices

See the App Compatibility With Different Devices

One thing that you may like to consider while choosing a particular investment app is whether it is available on both Android and iOS? Ideally, you should choose the app that is available on both platforms. Why?

Because, if you were to decide to switch the platform (Let’s say from Android to iOS), you could still have access to your past information or account details without needing to start afresh. All the investment apps that we have mentioned in this article are available on both platforms. 

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10 Best Investment Apps in India

The number of investment apps has been rising at a steady rate. As today there is a greater awareness about the importance of financial planning, several online mobile applications have emerged to streamline the investing process. If you are wondering which apps are good, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the 10 best investment apps in India right now. So, scroll down and compare them according to your needs and investment style. 
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Key features

RKSV Securities


RKSV Securities Upstox 1枚目

Trade via Charts With 100 Technical Indicators


Nextbillion Technology Private Limited


Nextbillion Technology Private Limited Groww  1枚目

One Platform Combining Several Benefits


Zerodha Broking Limited

Kite by Zerodha

Zerodha Broking Limited Kite by Zerodha 1枚目

Invest in Securities With a Discounted Brokerage Fee


Edelweiss Broking Limited


Edelweiss Broking Limited Edelweiss 1枚目

Get Stock Recommendations From Experts


Angel Broking Ltd

Angel Broking

Angel Broking Ltd Angel Broking  1枚目

For an Improved Portfolio Performance


5paisa Capital Limited


5paisa Capital Limited 5paisa 1枚目

Create a Fully Customized Investment Portfolio



IIFL Markets

IIFL IIFL Markets 1枚目

Get Expert Tips for Better Technical Analysis


HDFC Securities Ltd

HDFC securities

HDFC Securities Ltd HDFC securities 1枚目

Invest Conveniently With 3-in-1 Account


Kfin Technologies Private Limited


Kfin Technologies Private Limited KFinKart 1枚目

Link Your Family's Portfolio


Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited

MO Investor

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited MO Investor 1枚目

Invest Quickly Using ACE

If you don't see the product you're looking for, you can request that it be listed.

RKSV SecuritiesUpstox

Upstox Image 1

Trade via Charts With 100 Technical Indicators

Upstox is one of the largest investment platforms in India that comes with a clean and clutter-free user interface. It allows you to invest in various assets, such as stocks, mutual funds, gold, IPOs, and futures & options. It contains 2,000+ mutual fund schemes to choose from and has brokerage up to Rs 20 per trade for intraday, F&O, and commodities.

For trading purposes, you can place orders directly on the charts with its Trade From Charts (TFC) option and apply over 100 technical indicators. Trading charts give you information that helps you decide when to enter and exit a position. So, you can always analyze things better. 

On Upstox, you can create a customized watch list, explore predefined watch lists, get real-time market updates, and set an unlimited number of price alerts. The account opening is 100% paperless, and you can switch between its day and night modes as per your needs.

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Nextbillion Technology Private LimitedGroww

One Platform Combining Several Benefits

Groww is amongst the most popular investment apps in India. It allows you to invest in mutual funds at zero brokerage fees. It has a smooth user interface that makes it easy to use. You will find the right information at the right place and there won't be an issue when you switch from one tab to another.

The registration process is also quite effortless with a simple KYC requiring minimal documentation & no paperwork. The app provides you with information regarding various mutual fund schemes along with their pros & cons. So you can compare, and select the one that suits your needs. 

Additionally, the Groww app contains a huge database of learning blogs and videos for those who wish to improve their knowledge on investment. Besides, you can invest in BSE and NSE stocks as it also works as a stock trading platform.


Zerodha Broking LimitedKite by Zerodha

Invest in Securities With a Discounted Brokerage Fee

Kite, the mobile application of Zerodha, is another top investment and trading app in India. It allows you to trade in securities with a discounted brokerage fee. (Compare the brokerage charges of the best online brokers here.) You can also take the benefit of the brokerage-free investment if you do not buy and sell the stock the same day. 

The app has a minimalistic interface, offering simplicity in use and easy navigation. It is equipped with advanced trading tools such as charts and drawings that provide real-time information on the latest trends and price movements.

As per the reviews, the account opening process is pretty smooth. You just have to enter your PAN number, bank account details and some personal details. Besides, no technical issues have been observed so far.


Edelweiss Broking LimitedEdelweiss

Get Stock Recommendations From Experts

Edelweiss app is one of the most secure and verified investment & stock trading platforms in India. It has easy navigation and you can start investing within minutes by opening a Demat account.

The app offers real-time trading charts, multiple investment options, and stock recommendations from experts. You get information on top gainers & losers and most active stocks. So, it helps you to know which companies you should invest in. You can also customize your watchlist and invest in the latest share market IPOs. Besides, it allows a fast and safe fund transfer through UPI payments.

As per reviews, the research section of the app is highly informative, and overall it is a very user-friendly app where orders can be placed and tracked in a single go. The only downside is the size of the app i.e. 51 Mb, which is comparatively on the higher side.


For an Improved Portfolio Performance

Angel Broking is one of the oldest players in the Indian stock market with over 30 years of experience. Their app comes with an intuitive design and robust features offering a smooth trading experience. Its highlight is the ARQ Prime that recommends stocks based on proven rules and helps improve your portfolio performance. 

With features like Smartbuzz and Sensibulll, you can keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends in the stock market. They allow you to customize your news feed by selecting your favourite companies, check their performance, and more. Additionally, the app helps in quick and secure fund transfer through UPI payment mode. 


Create a Fully Customized Investment Portfolio

Awarded as the Best Mobile Trading App in 2018, 5paisa is a leading player in the stock trading market. It functions as a discount broker with a one-click order placement option. One thing that customers loved most about this app is the guest login feature.

The app offers an easy Demat opening and provides live updates of quotes from NSE & BSE. You can perform technical analysis through the study of advanced charts and graphs. If you are new to trading, you can take the help of its learning blogs and videos to develop your knowledge on investment.

One of its special features is the Auto Investor that helps you develop a fully customized investment portfolio of mutual funds. So, sometimes you can take its help as it will help save time in making a new portfolio. With the 5paisa app, you can invest directly in mutual funds, digital gold, buy the insurance and personal loans. 


Get Expert Tips for Better Technical Analysis

IIFL is a leading full-service stockbroker of India being in existence since 1995. Their mobile application is particularly known for research purposes and expert tips for better technical analysis. You can create multiple customized watchlists and trade with ease.

It is a 17Mb light Android App with user-friendly services. You get all the information on the leading financial markets of India, such as NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX, along with gainers & losers. You also get to know the latest market developments and live updates on a single tap.

However, one drawback often reported by users is that it logs out after every 15-20 minutes of inactivity, which at times becomes annoying. 


HDFC Securities LtdHDFC securities

Invest Conveniently With 3-in-1 Account

HDFC securities app is considered one of the most reliable online trading platforms, with a 4.3/5 star rating. The users have found it very easy to operate due to its enhanced interface. The app provides the latest market updates, real-time charts, stock details, investment ideas, and more.

The stand out element of this app is the offering of a 3-in-1 Account (which is a combination of a bank account, a trading account, and a Demat account.) So you can invest in equity, derivatives, mutual funds, IPO and fixed deposits, all on this single platform. 

According to the users, the app works efficiently with no glitches or time lags. However, the brokerage fee is somewhat high compared to other trading apps. And the feedback system is also not up to the mark. 


Kfin Technologies Private LimitedKFinKart

Link Your Family's Portfolio

It is a one-touch login app that provides you with a single view of all your investments and helps you make quick transactions. You can make instant investment decisions with the help of its technical and fundamental reports. The app has an intuitive interface that allows smooth navigation. 

It also provides insights into your investment patterns. You get complete control over your trading activities and get updated with the latest market news and developments. Moreover, you can also link your family’s portfolio by providing their PAN card details.


Motilal Oswal Financial Services LimitedMO Investor

Invest Quickly Using ACE

MO is a reputed brokerage firm with a strong network of brokers spreading across 1700 locations. Their trading app is highly advanced, featuring ACE (Advise on the combination of equities), a carefully designed investment strategy to help you make quick investment decisions. 

The app provides multiple period charts (1 minute to 5 years) but only 9 technical indicators. And it offers several products ranging from mutual funds, equity, life insurance, to IPO, bonds, and Portfolio Management Services (PMS). Backed with advanced research options, this trading app is excellent for beginners.

Start Investing in Your 20s

If you are in your 20s, it is the best time to start investing. Here is an ultimate guide by the well-known entrepreneur and public speaker Ankur Warikoo, who speaks about the importance of investing early in life and things one should keep in mind before they start investing. The video covers the following -

  1. Why you should start investing in your 20s
  2. How to start investing in 20s
  3. Different options to invest in, and what NOT to invest in
  4. Mistakes you should avoid while investing
  5. An ideal portfolio for beginners

Follow this guide and get all your facts right!

Learn about Top Mutual Funds Apps

Learn about Top Mutual Funds Apps

Mutual funds are one of the most common types of investments. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, anyone can invest in mutual funds. They are a great way of making higher returns with low to moderate levels of risk. The best part is that you only require little knowledge before investing in them. Read the below article to find out the current best mutual funds app in India.


Let your money make money for you! Investing is all about managing money in a way that gives you monetary rewards in the long term. This way, you never have to worry about your future finances. If you are keen on attaining financial freedom, follow this guide to find out the most suitable investment app for you!

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Top 5 Investment App

No. 1: RKSV SecuritiesUpstox

No. 2: Nextbillion Technology Private LimitedGroww

No. 3: Zerodha Broking LimitedKite by Zerodha

No. 4: Edelweiss Broking LimitedEdelweiss

No. 5: Angel Broking LtdAngel Broking

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